Funding Grants

One of the main activities of the ECPR is its portfolio of events: The General and Graduate Student Conferences, Summer and Winter Methods Schools, and Joint Sessions of Workshops. To encourage participation, we offer grants to scholars at all stages of their careers.

Every year, ECPR awards around 200 grants to people who belong to full member institutions. These grants are a key membership benefit. Check your institution’s member status. The number of grants available for each event is capped, so applying does not guarantee success. Applicants are limited to one ECPR Grant/Registration Refund in any two‑year period.

ECPR grants contribute towards attendance and are paid after the event. Funding is available for the following events:




Winter School Bamberg 2019
Full Details
Joint Sessions UCL Mons 2019
Full Details
Joint Sessions UCL Mons 2019
Full Details
Summer School Budapest 2019
Full Details
General Conference Wrocław 2019
Full Details

Standing Groups

The ECPR also offers funding to its Standing Groups either as ‘seed money’ to help start up a new group, or to support the organisation of a summer school. Please see the Standing Groups section for more information.

New online application process

  • Funding applications can only be made online.
  • When funding is open, a link will show on that event’s home page.
  • Applications must fulfil all eligibility criteria, which vary, depending on the event. Please click the 'Full details' link above for details of the eligibility criteria relating to each funding opportunity.
  • Applications will not be processed without supporting documentation.
  • All documentation must be combined into a single file and uploaded with your application.
  • ‘Self-funded’ letters must be issued in English by a head of department, and written on your institution’s letterhead paper. Letters must state that the applicant has been given no financial support, either from their institution or from other awarding bodies, to attend the event.

Claiming your grant

You will receive a claim form via email, after the event. This must be returned by email before the stated deadline. Failure to return this form with all information by the deadline will result in rejection of your claim.

Terms & Conditions

  • To ensure equitable distribution of funds between member institutions, ECPR will not normally award more than two grants to the same institution in the same year.
  • Applicants must meet all eligibility criteria at the time of the event.
  • Funding is available only to full ECPR member institutions.
  • Once awarded, grants are not transferable to other ECPR events.
  • Individual applications must be made for each event.
  • Funding will be paid after each event.
  • Funding will be paid via your original payment method within 30 days of you submitting your claim correctly.
  • Funding can be paid in either Euros or Sterling.
  • ECPR will select the currency automatically if you do not specify either Euros of Sterling
  • ECPR has the right to withdraw funding at its discretion.
  • Applicants are limited to one ECPR Grant/Registration Refund in any two-year period.

Should you require any assistance please contact Marcia Taylor.

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