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Law and Courts

Standing Group

Number of members: 212

Steering Committee Chair

  • Theresa Squatrito (The London School of Economics & Political Science)

Steering Committee

  • Monika Glavina (Universiteit Antwerpen)
  • Andreas von Staden (Universität Hamburg)
  • Juan Antonio Mayoral (University of Copenhagen)
  • Daniel Naurin (Universitetet i Oslo)
  • Katarina Sipulova (Masaryk University)
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Judicial bodies as the third branch of political systems play an increasingly important role in contemporary politics in every part of the world and in the concepts of comparative politics. In spite of this importance, research about Constitutional Courts and Judicial Politics in Western and Eastern Europe is under-developed compared to the US where one finds very regular and lively debates. The aim of the group is to gather researchers in order to achieve a better understanding of the role of domestic and international courts and Judicial Politics and to fill the existing research gap. The group should be helpful in stimulating the judicial politics field regarding research issues theory, methods and data.