Political Sociology

Standing Group

Established 2010

Number of members: 485


  • Oscar Mazzoleni (Université de Lausanne)
  • Tatjana Sekulic (Università degli Studi di Milano – Bicocca)
  • Laura Landorff (Aalborg Universitet)
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The ECPR Standing Group on Political Sociology provides a forum for researchers applying sociological approaches to study political dimensions of social life. It aims at building an active network of sociologically inclined political and social scientists interested in political topics, such as how broad social processes influence political actors, institutions, policies, and debate, and how in turn politics affects everyday social life at local, national, and transnational levels.

"Aristocracies … may preserve themselves longest, but only democracies, which refresh their ruling class, can expand" - Hugh Trevor-Roper

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