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Political Research Exchange

Joint Sessions 2023: Save the date

Call for Associate Editors

PRX is launching a second call for Associate Editors (AEs) who will join the current (nine) AEs and work together as an editorial team led by the Editors-in-Chief.

The Editors-in-Chief (EiCs) make an initial assessment of submissions and the journal implements a triple-blind review process in order to maximise impartial treatment, so journal submissions are anonymised prior to being allocated to AEs. The AEs own the review process of allocated papers, including an initial assessment, sourcing peer review reports (the journal works on the basis of three external reports) and recommendation to publish. They make the publication recommendation to the Editors-in-Chief, who make the final decision as to whether to publish. The editorial team will work together as needed to jointly assess material submitted within the remit of the blog platform also. The full team is supported by an editorial office, an online submission and peer review system and the expertise of Taylor & Francis. The Associate Editor position will formally start in autumn 2020, and will run for four years.

Associate Editor responsibilities include:

  • Taking editorial responsibility for research articles through the stages of desk reject, the full peer review process, and recommendation to publish (made to the Editors-in-Chief); 
  • Providing advice on problematic articles as needed;
  • Contributing editorial judgment on occasional material submitted to the journal blog;
  • Attending regular editorial zoom meetings.

More generally, Associate Editors are expected to:

  • Liaise with EiCs on editorial direction and coverage, contribute to innovations designed to develop the journal and increase its impact and reach;
  • Encourage high quality research articles and contributions within the remit of the journal;
  • Take part in the professional debate about trends and standards in political science scholarly communication.

Applicant background

The ECPR is seeking political scientists with a PhD and at least three years’ professional experience in research. Successful candidates will have an international reputation and a wide range of contacts in Europe and the rest of the world. Previous editorial experience is a merit. It is expected that Associate Editors will come from an ECPR Member, or Associate Member, institution and be a member of one or more Standing Groups throughout their term. The composition of the editorial team will take into account the need to cover a broad thematic and methodological spectrum in the study of politics, and Associate Editors will be expected to take responsibility for research areas also beyond their own Standing Group(s). It should be clear that the position, though rewarding, requires significant commitment. It is also important that applicants understand and are committed to the open access and online-only character of the journal.

Application process

Applications should be sent to ECPR Communications Manager, Rebecca Gethen, by 12 June, and should include:

  • A concise statement of research area, including the following: research interests, possible areas of research coverage, key methodological approach(es), Standing Group membership(s) (approximately one half page);
  • A concise statement of intent detailing how the applicant can contribute to and champion the journal (approximately one half page);
  • A concise CV focused on education and employment history; key research publications; formal research networks and collaborations; editorial experience (3 pp maximum).