Workshop of our Standing Group on Gender and Politics

4 September 2019, University of Wrocław

Takes place during the ECPR General Conference at the University of Wrocław, on 4 September 2019, on the theme Under Pressure: Teaching and Researching Gender and Sexuality in Hostile Political Environments. The workshop will bring together scholars of gender and sexuality, populism and radical right politics, social movements, liberal democracy, and human rights to discuss the impact of political changes on studying hostile actors – in particular in anti-gender and anti-feminist terms.

Core to the workshop is an exchange between scholars working in hostile environments and those working on the subject from different sub-disciplines of political science.

Gender and sexuality perspectives are at a significant crossroads. While their disciplinary recognition has increased, they are experiencing a high level of external pressure. Gender and sexuality have achieved an unpreceded level of recognition in the discipline, with an ever-growing scholarly community, the launch of specialist groups within national professional associations and journals and the (slow) diffusion of gender perspectives across the curriculum.

The ECPR is commited to promoting gender equality in the profession.

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