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Kantian Conversations – Online Seminar Series in Kantian Political Thought

Latest seminar

Tuesday 30 March, 14:00 – 16:00 BST (15:00  – 17:00 CEST)  

Which Kant? Approaching Kant on Race and Racism

Speaker – Ewa Wyrębska-Đermanović, University of Bonn

Commentator  Niamh Reilly, NUI Galway


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Ewa Wyrębska-Đermanović studied philosophy and international relations in Lodz, Bonn and Providence. She received her PhD from University of Lodz in 2015 with a dissertation 'The Project of The Universal Rightful Condition in Kant’s Philosophy of Right'. Since her graduation she worked in Lodz and Bayreuth. Currently she is Alexander von Humboldt Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Bonn. In 2018 she published a monograph Kant’s Philosophy of Right. An Introduction (in Polish, University of Lodz Press, Lodz 2018). She is an author of more than 10 articles and a co-editor of volumes dedicated to Kant’s legal philosophy, political philosophy in general and teaching ethics to school children. Her most recent work includes: 'The Metaphysical Source of Kant’s Concept of Right' (2018/2019, Public Reason), 'The World Republic, The State of States or The League of Nations? Kant’s Global Order Revisited' (2019, Con-Textos Kantianos) and 'Kant’s Cosmopolitanism and The Value of Humanity – Implications for a Universal Right to Citizenship' (forthcoming in C. Horn, R. dos Santos /eds./, Kant on Moral Value, Berlin: De Gruyter). Her research interests focus on the philosophy of Kant, most recently his legal and political philosophy in connection to his anthropology, philosophy of history, religion and education.

Niamh Reilly has published widely on issues of human rights and gender; feminist political and social theory; religion in the public sphere; transnational movements and the United Nations; and women, peace and security. Her books include: Women's Human Rights: Seeking Gender Justice in a Globalizing Age (Polity Press, 2009); Demanding Accountability: The Global Campaign and Vienna Tribunal for Women's Human Rights (UNIFEM 1994) (Co-author: Charlotte Bunch); and two edited collections, Religion, Gender and the Public Sphere (Routledge 2014) (Lead editor) and The Human Rights of Women (Springer, Major Reference Works, 2019).

Our Standing Group on Kantian Political Thought is delighted to present a brand-new online seminar series 'Kantian Conversations (Virtually Speaking)', co-organised by Christoph Hanisch, Ohio University, Macarena Marey, CONICET and Zachary Vereb, University of Mississippi.

The series were developed to support the group's mission of advancing the understanding of the works of Kant and Kantian theorists, and examining the various attempts to criticise and overcome the Kantian tradition. Launching in March 2021, this exciting venture will comprise talks addressing topical issues in Kantian Political Thought delivered by Standing Group members and special guests.

Join this event to:

  • Explore the latest thinking in the field
  • Connect with fellow scholars
  • Share your insights and debate the topics presented

About the Standing Group

The Standing Group on Kantian Political Thought brings together scholars that acknowledge the increasing importance of Kantian approaches today. A distinctive feature of the group is its broad focus beyond political theory and examining issues in ethics, epistemology, legal theory, anthropology, aesthetics, philosophy of religion and of history, as well as in other empirical disciplines and social sciences, in order to offer theoretical and practical answers to current political problems. Find out more.

How to join

The event is open to anyone interested in Kantian or Kant-related themes in moral and political philosophy, completely FREE! Registration is required but you'll only need to register once for the entire series. You’ll need a MyECPR account to register.

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