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Printed Programme and Updates to it since 12 July 2017


Click here to download a pdf of the print programme. If you are accessing this document via a mobile phone or tablet, a PDF reader such as Adobe Acrobat must be installed on your device.

The Panel and Paper information in the printed programme represents the information in ECPR's database on 12 July 2017. Amendments made since that date will not appear in the printed programme; please check below for any updates.






S06 P369 The Appeal of Populism in Elite-public Communication
S34 P123

Expressing Dissatisfaction

S42 P244

Networks in EU and International Relations

S46 P298 Post-conflict Transitions, Legitimacy and the Effects of Violence
S49 P296 Populist and Radical Right Parties and the Welfare State in Contemporary Europe






S20 P046 Climate and Energy: EU Renewable Energy in Comparison Thursday 7 September, 15:40-17:30
S21 P094 Diffusing Everyday Environmentalism: Understanding Local and Everyday Activism as a Means to Broad Social Change Friday 8 September, 09:00-10:40






S20 P0469 Climate and Energy: EU Renewable Energy in Comparison GS 3511
S21 P094 Diffusing Everyday Environmentalism: Understanding Local and Everyday Activism as a Means to Broad Social Change PAM SEM 3






RT04 Democratic Representation in Interconnected Settings

BIALE, Enrico
Università del Piemonte Orientale

European University Institute

FP02 - P126 FEATURED PANEL: Brexit Debate - EPS Symposium

DODDS, Annemarie
Member of the European Parliament

replaced with

BELLAMY, Richard
European University Institute
FP03 - P130 FEATURED PANEL: Smart Cities: Politics, Policy and Governance. Sponsored by IPSA GIL, Olga
Universidad Autònoma de Madrid - Instituto de Políticas y Bienes Públicos del CSIC
FP04 - P127 FEATURED PANEL: Academic Freedom, Democracy and Human Rights: Comparative Perspectives. Sponsored by IPSA GECER, Ekmel
Sakarya University






S02 P372 The Power of International Bureaucracies and IOs Reconsidered: Patrimonialism and Emotional Labour at the ASEAN Secretariat NAIR, Deepak
National University of Singapore
S23 P270 Competing for Africa? National Political Parties, European Development Policy, and the Chinese 'Invasion' of Africa KARAGIANNIS, Yannis
Institut Barcelona d'Estudis Internacionals - IBEI
S37 P363 The Needle and the Haystack – Positioning Transitional Justice Interventions with Broader Ecologies of Transformative Justice McAULIFFE, Padraig
University of Liverpool
S37 P470 The Enduring Colonial Legacies of Land Dispossessions and the Evolving Property Rights Legal Discourses: Whither Transitional Justice? KAAPAMA, Phanuel
University of Namibia
S37 P470 Rethinking Post-Truth Commissions: Empowering Local Capacities to Shape the Post-Truth Commission Discourse ACIRU, Monica
University of Leuven
S42 P081 European Twitter Networks: Where they are? A Transnational European Public Sphere RUIZ SOLER, Javier
European University Institute
S56 P264 Is Descriptive Representation a Proxy for Substantive Representation? ARNESEN, Sveinung
Universitetet i Bergen
S58 P236 Diffusing Containment, Containing Diffusion SCHMOTZ, Alexander
WZB Berlin Social Science Center
S62 P450 Pseudocracy - Fake Authority and the Government of the European Union

FOSSUM, John Erik
Universitetet i Oslo

Universitetet i Oslo
S64 P154 Determinants of Insurance Companies Engagement in Climate Change Adaptation – A Cross Country Comparison SEIFERT-DÄHNN, Isabel
Norwegian Institute of Water Research






S04 P247 Improving Democratic Awareness and Participation to the European Union with Digital Narrative-based Learning: A Review of Literature on its Outcomes and Implementation Issues PELLON, Gaëlle
Université Catholique de Louvain
S05 P018 Reconstructing the Arctic: Logics of Security in an Era of Climate Change KNOX, Janelle
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
S05 P018 The Power of Distance: Exploring the Conditions of State School Education in Greenland BRINCKER, Benedikte
Copenhagen Business School
S06 P369 The Appeal of Donald Trump and Right-wing Populists in Comparative Perspective DONOVAN, Todd
Western Washington University
S07 P443 The Practice of Trilogues – Dilemmas of Internal and External Accountability STIE, Ann Elizabeth
University of Agder
S09 P056 Norm Entrepreneurship Revisited: What ‘Roguish’ Norm Entrepreneurship tells us about Success or Failure of Advocacy WUNDERLICH, Carmen
Peace Research Institute Frankfurt
S09 P138 Social Movement Outcomes in the Information Age: The Cases of the Spanish Indignados and the Occupy Wall Street Movement FERREIRA, Claudia
Royal Holloway University of London
S09 P406 Hacking the Patriarchy: Networked Feminism as Feminism 3.0? SEMENZIN, Silvia
Universidad Complutense de Madrid
S10 P028 Racial Biopolitics and Human Capital Theory REPO, Jemima
University of Newcastle
S13 P043 Thinking Politically About Children: Representation beyond Citizenship NAKATA, Sana
University of Melbourne
S13 P415 Access to Medical Care: A Citizenship Right or a Human Right? On Struggles over Rights, Entitlement and Membership in Contemporary Sweden NIELSEN, Amanda
Linnaeus University
S14 P006 Parliamentary Scrutiny and Territorial Politics: The Roles of Sub-state Parliaments in Monitoring Intergovernmental Coordination PETERSOHN, Bettina
Swansea University
S14 P318 Taxation Policy in the Spanish Autonomous Communities (1995-2015) TOUBEAU, Simon
University of Nottingham
S15 P058 The Effects and Non-Effects of the Revolution(s) on the State Conception(s) in Italy. Between Realities and Potentialities DI BONAVENTURA, Florence
Université Saint-Louis - Bruxelles
S15 P066 Fighting for the Catholic Soul of America: Dilemmas and Peculiarities of U.S. Catholic Mobilization in World War II DE STRADIS, Susanna
Scuola Normale Superiore
S18 P227 A Critical Analysis of the EU-Turkey Migrants Deal: Is the EU a successful ‘Norm Entrepreneur’? TEKIN, Beyza C
Galatasaray University
S18 P347 Between Identity and Purpose: Political Discourse on Europe in Northern Cyprus CIRAKLI, Mustafa
University of Lancaster
S19 P101 The Governance of Education Policy in England and Sweden – A Comparative Account of the Politics of School Choice ALEXIADOU, Nafsika
Umea University
S19 P101 How has the Challenge of Refugee Integration Influenced the Expansion of Religious Instruction to Muslim Students in Germany’s Public Schools? TRIADAFILOPOULOS, Phil
University of Toronto
S21 P111 Public Attitudes Toward Climate Security: A Comparative Analysis ARIKAN, Gizem
Yaşar University
S22 P202 Unravelling the Dynamics between Metagovernance and Local Mandated Collaboration. The Case of the Primary Health Care Networks in Flanders TEMMERMAN, Caroline
Ghent University
S23 P270 What Drives the Agenda-Setter? Assessing the Influence of National and Supranational Politics on the European Commission REH, Christine
University College London
S23 P272 ‘Till Residence Permit do us Part?’: Marriages of Convenience and EU Free Movement Law JOLKINA, Aleksandra
Queen Mary, University of London
S24 P153 Governing Juridicial Sex: The Biopolitics of Transgender Sterilization in Finland REPO, Jemima
University of Newcastle
S24 P153 The Diverging Discourse of Gender Equality: Debates on Gender quotas in Corporate Boards in Denmark and Norway TEIGEN, Mari
Institute for Social Research, Oslo
S24 P410 The Cost of Sexism: Female Leaders and Budgetary Policy COURTNEY, Michael
Dublin City University
S25 P352 Constructing New Foreign Policy Identities with Intervention and Transnational Challenges: The Turkish Case on Syria SEVER, Ayşegül

Marmara University

S27 P346 Implementing Indigenous Self-Determination: Self-Administration, Rematriation or Independence? KUOKKANEN, Rauna
University of Toronto
S27 P346 The Consequences on Sámi self-constitution by the Construction of the Sámediggi Act in Sweden NILSSON, Ragnhild
Stockholm University
S28 P178 Advocacy Coalitions and Networks of Governance in the EU Environmental Policymaking ARREGUI, Javier
Universitat Pompeu Fabra
S30 P163 Church, State, and Moral Progress in Kant’s Enlightenment SWEET, Kristi
Texas A&M University
S30 P193 The Nature of Individual Rights: Kant’s Reception in Contemporary Legal Theories BALTRIMIENĖ, Milda
Vilnius University
S30 P395 Epistemology of Political Fanaticism in Kant: Revolution between Enthusiasm and Schwärmerei PATRUNO, Nicola
Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universität Frankfurt
S33 P169 Committees, Special Inquiry Committees and Parliamentary Questions. Complements or Substitutes in the Field of Parliamentary Oversight? GANDER, Heiri
University of Zurich
S34 P174 Age, Socioeconomic Background, and Turnout: What is the Effect of Compulsory Voting? CENDON BOVEDA, Karina
University of Oxford
S34 P107 The Feminine Touch? The Effect of Women Ministers on Health Policy in Europe GODDARD, Dee
University of Kent
S34 P218 Mapping Online Political Participation Across Europe: A Comparative Study of How and Why Europeans Get Engaged on the Internet WIEBKE, Drews
European University Institute
S36 P284 How should Normative Political Theorists React to the Findings of Political Psychologists? ULAS, Luke
Durham University
S36 P284 Political Philosophy and the Empirical: To what extent can Normative Political Questions be Resolved using Empirical Material? WALSH, Adrian
University of New England
S40 P133 Entering the Men’s Domain: When do Women get Allocated to ‘Masculine’ Cabinet Positions? GODDARD, Dee
University of Kent
Glass Ceilings, Glass Cliffs, and Party Leadership Contests in Britain BECKWITH, Karen
Case Western Reserve University
Who Do You Have to Know? Affiliation, Gender, and Cabinet Appointments
S40 P147 Gendered Distribution of Seats in Danish Parliamentary Committees 1990-2015 - Business as Usual? FIIG, Christina
Aarhus Universitet
S40 P424 The Role of Leadership in EU Politics and Policy-making: The Value of Theoretical and Methodological Cross-fertilization KÖKER, Philipp
Canterbury Christ Church University
S40 P425 The Role of Localness in Candidate Selection in Germany REISER, Marion
Leuphana Universiät Lüneburg
S41 RT04 What are Governments Expected to do? A Comparative Analysis of Justification Arguments between the 1970s and Today KARREMANS, Johannes
European University Institute
S41 P042 Realignment by Referendum? Brexit and the British Party System JOHNS, Robert
University of Essex
S41 P084 Framing the Choice in the Brexit Referendum NADEAU, RIchard
Université de Montréal
S41 P105 Vote Markets, Latent Opportunism, and the Secret Ballot JUSTESEN, Mogens K.
Copenhagen Business School
S41 P122 Democratization and Measures of Democracy: A Neural Network Approach WORDLICZEK, Lukasz
Jagiellonian University
S41 P189 How Emergent Sociotechnical Imaginaries Compete and Gain Power: The Case of the Circular Economy PAREDIS, Erik
Ghent University
S41 P250 Disaggregating the Relationship between Accountability and Human Development MECHKOVA, Valeriya
University of Gothenburg
S42 P081 Discourse Coalitions and their Mobilizing Potential in Online Food Movements PFETSCH, Barbara
Freie Universität Berlin
S42 P244 Rethinking IO-IO Relations: Changing Practices of Interaction in Global Health HOLZCHSEITER, Anna
Freie Universität Berlin
S43 P259 The Impact of Parties' Membership Management Choices on Membership Levels VAN HAUTE, Emilie
Université Libre de Bruxelles
S43 P262 The Role of Expectation Disconfirmation in Accountability Processes MARKWAT, Niels
University of Gothenburg
S44 P026 How Parties Polarize Debate in a Political Personalization's Context? BAUDEWYNS, Pierre
Université catholique de Louvain
S45 P159 Interactive Justice in Post-Conflict Transitions CEVA. Emanuela
Università degli Studi di Pavia
S45 P397 The Relational Injustice of Political Corruption CEVA. Emanuela
Università degli Studi di Pavia
S46 P083 Inscribing Collective Trauma in Stone: Brussels Terror Attacks, One Year Later MILOSEVIC, Ana
University of Leuven
S46 P229 Beyond Brexit: The Impact of the Referendum on Right-Wing Activism MORROW, Elizabeth
University of Birmingham
S46 P298 Dealing with Past Political Violence in Côte d’Ivoire: A Successful Post-crisis Transition? ROSENBERG, Sophie
University of Cambridge
S48 P031 Resistance to the Energy Transition: To which end, with which Means? BIEGELBAUER, Peter
Austrian Institute of Technology
S49 P097 Brexit is Brexit! Populism, Xenophobia and Euro-scepticism: The UKIP's Discourse in Changing Britain CASTRIOTA, Anna
University of Northampton
S49 P123 The Welfare State, Inequality, and Anti-system Attitudes DE FERRARI, Ignazio
Universidad del Pacífico, Lima
S49 P296 Protecting the Welfare State for the Right Kind of People. A Promise Unique to the Nativist Right in Germany? JOVOCIC, Jelena
Stockholm University
S49 P434 'We Are Patriots': Uses of National History in Legitimizing Extremism JACKSON, Sam
Syracuse University
S50 P301 Beyond Override Majorities: Presidential Vetoes and Parliamentary Response KÖKER, Philipp
Canterbury Christ Church University
S51 P117 Leaderless Protests, Hidden Leadership. The Case of Greek Indignados PAPANIKOLOPOULOS, Dimitris
Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences
S52 P386 Values of European Integration and Cosmopolitanism HAMMARGÅRD, Kajsa
Stockholm University
S55 P321 'Praising Europe': Religion, Secularism, and Gender in Discourses on the 'Refugees’ Crisis' TOLDY, Teresa
Centro de Estudos Sociais, University of Coimbra
S58 P023 Post-truth Politics and Pre-truth Societies: The Politics of “Fake News” GORYACHEV, Leonid
University of Amsterdam
S61 P277 Time to Discuss Circular and Temporary Migration: A Conceptual and a Real Confusion Regarding Migrant Workers’ Lives in Canada and the UK SAMUK, Sahizer
IMT Institute for Advanced Studies, Lucca
S62 P450 Partners at Paris? Climate Negotiations and Transatlantic Relations CROSS, Mai'a
Universitetet i Oslo
S62 P450 The EU, the US and the Crisis of Contemporary Multilateralism SMITH, Michael
University of Warwick
S63 P096 Shutting Down Deliberation: Does the Vote Institutionally Entrench Disagreement? NIEMEYER, Simon
University of Canberra
S66 P359 The Meaning of ‘Politics out of Politics’
University of Prishtina "Hasan Prishtina", Pristine, Kosovo
S66 P359 Power Politics or Just Wars? Assessing the Nature of Humanitarian Interventions

Universität Bremen

S66 P400 Inter-Organizational Relations as Enactments of Meaning(s): The Discursive Production of Order in Global Health Governance HOLZCHSEITER, Anna
Freie Universität Berlin
S67 P170 How Fact Checks Influence Voters REDLAWSK, David
University of Delaware
S68 P237 National Bureaucracies and International Human Rights Law: International Promotion of Administrative Models and Implications for Domestic Policy Implementation LORION, Sébastien
University of Copenhagen
S68 P412 Reputation, Politics and the European Regulatory State: Revisiting the Credibility Discourse BUSUIOC, Madalina
Leiden University - Faculty Governance and Global Affairs
S71 P040 EU as a Declining Normative Power and Turkey as a Declining Democracy: What does the Readmission Agreement tell us about a Global Approach to Migration and the Roles and Interactions of these Actors? SAMUK, Sahizer
IMT Institute for Advanced Studies, Lucca






S04 P466 S04 P247 The Policy Commission: Bringing Students, Researchers and Practitioners Together to Learn
S06 P369 S06 P230 Knowledge, Counterknowledge and Conspiracy in Populist Argumentation: Computational and Interpretive Analysis of Finnish Anti-Immigrant Online Publics
S06 P369 S06 P240 Where do these Trolls get Off? What Motivates Online Badmouthers and how to Bring them Back into the Fold
S11 P033 S11 P102 The United Nations Approach to Election Management Support
S21 P053 S21 P024

Political Parties in Poland towards Green Consumerism in 2000–2015

S22 P044 S22 P202 Public Policies and Community Practices of Co-Governance of Urban Commons. Lessons from Italy
S22 P080 S22 P202 Unravelling the Dynamics between Metagovernance and Local Mandated Collaboration. The Case of the Primary Health Care Networks in Flanders
S22 P020 S22 P202 The Tourist Trap: A Comparative Study of the Institutional Resource Curse in Swedish Municipalities
S34 P123 S34 P097

EU Issue Voting and the 2014 EP Election Campaign: A Dynamic Perspective

S41 P250 S13 P043 Building Schools for Civics and Citizenship Education: What Can We Learn from Civics Teaching in Different Democracies?
S42 P244 S44 P081

The (Trans)formation of Ideas in Global Politics

S42 P244 S44 P348

Dealing with (non-)Responsiveness of the European Commission – Network Formation among “Equality CSOs”

S46 P082 S46 P083 The Shock of Civil War in Finland and Ireland: the case for cultural sociology
S46 P298 S46 P083 The Subtle Social Consequence of Civil Wars: Psychological Distress and the Transformation of Social Networks in Sri Lanka
S46 P298 S46 P229 Ajax and the Pentagon: Shaping the Domestic Legacies of Violence Abroad
S49 P123 S49 P139 Don’t Forget the Supply Side: Dissatisfaction, Volatility, and the Anti-Establishment Vote
S49 P296 S49 P361 From Radical Right to Neo-Nationalist: An Investigation of the Economic Platform of the Sweden Democrats
S49 P296 S49 P462 Lazy Southerners, Malicious Foreigners and Clientelist Parties: The Italian Northern League and the Welfare State
S49 P361 S49 P423 Why is the Populist Radical Right so Popular? The Role of News Media Content in Explaining the Popularity of the Front National
S50 P429 S14 P006 Local Self-Government Reform in Russian Regions in 2003-2015: Factors of Mayors’ Survival
S70 P069 S70 P011 Operationalizing Deep Normative Core Belief Systems in Party Democracies
S72 P433 S03 P417 An Attempt to Conceptualize Women’s Representation in Turkey’s Local Politics






S01 P258 Revisiting Democracy for Realists in Western Europe - Comparing Partisan and Values-based Voting in recent European Elections

Voting in Two-Dimensional West European Politics: Do Voters choose Parties whose Positions are Closest to Theirs?

S13 P382 The Dimensions of Political Identity Citizenship, Immigration and Refugee Crises - Universalism and Civil Rights under pressure in Scandinavian Countries
S15 P066 Christian Ethics and Small Communities against the State. A Comparison between Wilhelm Röpke and Russell Kirk

Contractual Theory and European Federalism in Buchanan’s Thought

S20 P182 Assessing the Role of Oil in Saudi Foreign Policy: An Analysis of Historical Sociology Assessing the Role of Oil in Saudi Foreign Policy during the Cold War: An Analysis of Historical Sociology
S23 P086 Re-thinking Europeanisation: The Negative Side of Inspiration, Coalition-building and Substitution during Post-communist Democratization Consolidated Technocratic and Ethnic Hollowness, but no backsliding: Reassessing Europeanisation in Estonia and Latvia
S23 P389 The European External Action Service on the State of Human Rights in Russia

Soft, Normative or Transformative Power: What Kind of Actor the European External Action Service is in Communications to Russia

S25 P352 Non-fixity and Plurality of Ethnic Identity: The Case of Muslims of Sri Lanka Non-fixity and plurality of ethnic identity: The case of Sinhalese - Muslims ethnic relations in Sri Lanka
S33 P201 Parliamentary Professionalization and the Complete Political Careers of Swiss, German and Dutch MPs The Times are Changing?: Ideological and Electoral Shifts and the Recruitment of Career Changers to Parliament
S39 P376 Selecting VAA Issues Using Twitter

Using Twitter to Improve the Design of Voting Advice Applications

S41 P084 Visual Storytelling in Political Campaigns - The Austrian Presidential Elections 2016

Political Storytelling on Instagram – Key Aspects of Alexander Van der Bellen’s Successful 2016 Presidential Election Campaign

S42 P243 Advantage or Coordination? Why Actors are Involved in Multiple Policy Subsystems The Structure of Complex, Large-scale Governance Systems
S44 P026 Social Media Discussions as Determinants of the Success of Advocacy Campaigns Hashtag advocacy on Twitter during the Finnish parliamentary election of 2015
S49 P459 On the Origins of Left-Wing Extremism – Analyzing the Determinants of the Extreme Left in Germany On the Origins of Left-Wing Extremism – Analyzing the Determinants of Extreme Left Attitudes in Germany
S49 P459 Supporters of Right- and Left-wing Populist Parties in Europe: A Comparison

Becoming Part of the Gang? The Changing Role of External Efficacy in Explaining Support for Populist Parties

S52 P386 The Commission as Policy Entrepreneur in European Economic Governance a Comparative Multiple Stream Analysis of the 2005 and 2011 Reform of the Stability and Growth Pact Understanding the Politicisation Process of the Commission's Macroeconomic Policy Positioning between 2010 and 2017
S55 P321 Populist Opposition to Gender Equality and Traditionalist Religion: The Role of Catholicism How Political Genderphobia unites Right-Wing Populists and Religious Fundamentalists: The Case of Gender-sensitive Education Reforms in Germany
S61 P008 Citizen Involvement in the EU’s Industrial Research Funding Policies: Does it Exist? Can it Exist?

Civil Society Non-Involvement within the Input-, Output-Legitimacy Nexus: An Example from EU Industrial Research Funding Policy





S49 P462 Voting for the Populist Radical Right Voting for the Populist Radicals on the Right and the Left






S07 P161 Accountability and Development: Introducing the V-Dem Accountability Indices LÜHRMANN, Anna
University of Gothenburg
S09 P226 Political Mobilization Towards Home: A Cross-movement and Cross-context Comparison of Catalan and Spanish Emigrants AYDIN, Seda
Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
S18 P099 Addressing the Core-periphery Imbalances in Europe: Resource Misallocation and Expansionary Fiscal Policies BONATTI, Luigi
Università degli Studi di Trento
S28 P303 Who is Represented? Explaining the Demographic Structure of Interest Group Membership VAN DER PLOEG, Jens
University of Amsterdam
S28 P207 Mobilizing for Regulatory Impact: The Policy Engagement of Interest Groups in EU Regulatory Decision-Making BRAUN, Caelesta
Departments of Political Science and Public Administration, Universiteit Leiden
S31 P427 Expert-Expert Gap? A Study of Heterogeneity in Risk Perceptions among Nuclear Experts and Its Implications for Risk Governance KIM, Jun Gyu
Korea Institute of Science and Technology
S34 P220 Forecasting the 2017 French Presidential Election Using Candidate Evaluations from First Round Exit Polls GÖBEL, Sascha
Universität Konstanz
S37 P068 No more Victims? The Latin American Truth Commissions and their Implications in the Investigation of Past Violence against Women and Child Soldiers BADULESCU, Cristiana Lavinia
National University of Political Studies and Public Administration
S41 P219 Measuring Democracy in the Age of Digitalization FLEUß, Dannica
Helmut-Schmidt-University/University of the Armed Forces Hamburg

HELBIG, Karoline
Helmut-Schmidt-University/University of the Armed Forces Hamburg
S41 P219 The Meaning of Democracy: Using a Distributional Semantic Model for Collecting Co-occurrence Information from Online Data across Languages AXELSSON, Sofia
University of Gothenburg
S43 P257 Parties and Elections FRANKLIN, Mark
European University Institute
S48 P280 From a Breeze to the Four Winds: The Diffusion of Renewable Energy Policies to Developing Countries STEINER, Andrea
Universidade Federal de Pernambuco
S49 P296 Protecting the Welfare State for the Right Kind of People. A Promise Unique to the Nativist Right in Germany? JOVICIC, Jelena
Stockholm University
S64 P231 Global Sinks and Local Carbon Rights: Improvement, Attachment, or Management? HEYWARD, Clare
University of Warwick
S68 P034 Mediatized Bureaucracy? Investigating the Values and Norms of Civil Servants in Norway and the Netherlands KARLSEN, Rune
Institute for Social Research, Oslo






S15 P060 Conceptual Conflicts in International Relations SINKKONEN, Ville
Finnish Institute of International Affairs
S16 P006 Accountability, Democratic Scrutiny and Intergovernmental Coordination SCHNABEL, Johanna
Université de Lausanne
S16 P454 Various Post-colonies and their Relations to Former Colonial Powers THORLEIFSSON, Cathrine
Universitetet i Oslo
S19 P100 Education Policy Design and Governance FARNEY, Jim
University of Regina 
S28 P208 Lobbying and Intra-organizational Dynamics BUNEA, Adriana
University of Southampton
S29 P302 Principles for Institutional Design ULAS, Luke
Durham University
S32 P078 Cross National Networks of Courts CEBULAK, Pola
University of Copenhagen
S32 P222 Media Representation and Salience of Courts MAYORAL, Juan Antonio
University of Copenhagen
S32 P224 Methods in Law and Courts Research ATANASOVA, Angelina
University of Leuven
S32 P345 Selection and Promotion of Judges – New Challenges KOSAR, David
Masaryk University
S32 P373 The Challenging and Challenged Authority of International Courts GLAVINA, Monika
University of Leuven
S41 P084 Debating Politics and Democracy PETTAI, Vello
University of Tartu
S49 P217 Measuring Populism and Populist Attitudes COHEN, Denis
Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
S49 P361 Support for Left/Right Populists: Insights from Case Studies ABTS, Koen
University of Leuven
S49 P459 Voting for the Populist Radical Right VAN SPANJE, Joost
University of Amsterdam
S50 P301 Presidents and Legislation: Policy-making and the Consequences of Presidential Veto Power SEDELIUS, Thomas
Dalarna University
S66 P359 Studying the Meaning(s) of Politics: Theoretical Perspectives

CHIHAIA Mihai Sebastian
Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi

S66 P401 The Meaning of Politics in International Organizations

Universität Bremen 

S67 P170 Information and Disinformation: The Political Psychology of Message Perception HUGHES, Andrew
Australian National University 
S68 P007 Accountability, Political Preferences and Bureaucratic Reputation BACH, Tobias
Universitetet i Oslo






S19 P101 Education Policy Outcomes FARNEY, Jim
University of Regina 






S02 P181 International Bureaucracies' Influence on Public Policy and International Organizations PATZ, Ronny
Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München – LMU 
S04 P365 Teaching and Learning Analytical Skills in Political Science VAN INGELGOM, Virginie
Université catolhique de Louvain
S06 P230 Misinformation, Post-truth and Alternative Facts. The End of Voters’ Competence? GÜRSOY, Yaprak
Aston University
S07 P121 Expertization of Policy-advice: Institutional Variation and Normative Responses SERRANO VELARDE, Kathia
Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg
S09 P014 Allying for Change: Social Movements and the Politics of Coalition Building in the Middle East DUBOC, Marie
Universität Tübingen
S09 P056 Complex Interaction: Social Movements and International Institutions REINALDA, Bob
Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen
S14 P006 Accountability, Democratic Scrutiny and Intergovernmental Coordination LEVRAT, Nicolas
University of Geneva
S16 P454 Various Post-colonies and their Relations to Former Colonial Powers HIRAM JENSEN, Helga
European University Institute
S18 P099 Economy and Welfare in Post-crisis Southern Europe GLATZER, Miguel
La Salle University
S19 P100 Education Policy Design and Governance FARNEY, Jim
University of Regina
S20 P326 Renewable Energy goes Global: International Institutions and Domestic Policies DOKK SMITH, Ida
Universitetet i Oslo
S22 P357 Strengthening Local Governance Capacity through Interactive Political Leadership HANSSEN, Gro Sandkjær
Norwegian Institute for Urban and Region Research
S23 P059 Conceptual and Theoretical Perspectives on European Integration CURYŁO, Barbara
Institute of Political Science Opole University
S23 P134 Fighting Tax Avoidance and Tax Crimes in the European Union ELBRA, Ainsley
University of Sydney
S23 P391 The Eurozone in Crisis SCHELKLE, Waltraud
The London School of Economics & Political Science
S25 P352 Sovereignty, Autonomy, Recognition and Trans/International Security FRISCH, Hillel
Bar-Ilan University
S26 P211 Local Impacts of Urban Grassroots and Radical Movements National Research University, Higher School of Economics - HSE
S27 P166 Indigenous Media RANJI, Banafsheh
Universitetet i
S29 P435 Thinking Through Difference: South Asian Political Thought NIESEN, Peter
Hamburg Universität
S30 P339 Rights and Duties in Kantian Political and Legal Philosophy VARDEN, Helga
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champain
S32 P078 Cross National Networks of Courts LARSSON, Olof
University of Gothenburg
S32 P190 Judicial Behaviour, Judicial Activism DYEVRE, Arthur
University of Leuven
S32 P224 Methods in Law and Courts Research MAYORAL, Juan Antonio
University of Copenhagen
S41 P042 Changing Dynamics in European Politics MORINI, Mara
Università degli Studi di Genova
S41 P084 Debating Politics and Democracy PETTAI, Vello
University of Tartu
S41 P122 Perspectives on Global Democratic Practices Each Panellist will discuss a Paper
S41 P144 Game-Theoretic Approaches in Political Science TEPE, Markus
Carl Von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg

KLEIN, Dominik
University of Bamburg
S41 P195 'Knowledge: Embodied, Inscribed, Enacted' – The Framework Reconsidered PAPANASTASIOU, Natalia
University of Amsterdam
S41 P314 Reconfiguration of Politics in Times of Crises and Authoritarian Context: Turkey under the AKP Rule ERDINC, Isil
Université Paris Dauphine
S44 P004 A Paradigm Shift for Political Science? Discussing Big Data Epistemology and its Implication for Political Studies PAVAN, Elena
Scuole Normale Superiore
Scuole Normale Superiore
S46 P083 Dealing with the Past II: Memories of Political Violence LAWTHER, Cheryl
Queen's University Belfast
S46 P229 Militant Mobilisation and the State GRAEF, Josefin
University of Birmingham
S49 P095 Digital Populism: Internet and Far Right Populist Politics

Universitat Pompeu Fabra

Centro de Investigación y Docencia Económicas, AC – CIDE
S49 P217 Measuring Populism and Populist Attitudes VAN HAUWAERT, Steven
Centro de Investigación y Docencia Económicas, AC – CIDE
S49 P462 Who are the (native) People? Othering in Right-Wing Populist Politics PYTLAS, Bartek
Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München – LMU
S49 P459 Voting for the Populist Radical Right ROODUIJN, Matthijs
University of Amsterdam
S50 P301 Presidents and Legislation: Policy-making and the Consequences of Presidential Veto Power Each Panellist will discuss a Paper
S51 P117 Everyday Resistance, Alternative Practices, and Repertoire Renewal in Crisis Regimes: The Case of Greece DE MOOR, Joost
University of Keele
S58 P023 Authoritarian Rule in the Digital Age: The Internet’s Challenges and Benefits to State Power

Kings College London

Cardiff University

S58 P234 Multiple Facets of Authoritarianism in Turkey KOYUNCU-LORASDAĞI, Berrin
Hacettepe University
S59 P273 Policy Effects of Subnational Governance in Autocracies Each Panellist will discuss a Paper
S60 P203 Legitimacy, Populism, and Anti-immigration Parties VAN SPANJE, Joost
University of Amsterdam
S61 P442 Trends Towards Particularism in Citizenship Policies in Europe SCHMID, Samuel
European University Institute
S62 P450 US-EU Relations in Times of Uncertainty: Crises and Transatlantic Relations MAURER, Heidi
Maastricht Universiteit
S66 P400 The Meaning of Political Institutions and Institutionalisms SZALAI, Andras
Eötvös Loránd University
S68 P007 Accountability, Political Preferences and Bureaucratic Reputation BACH, Tobias
Universitetet i Oslo
S68 P051 Collaboration in Crisis? Governmental Responses to Challenging Contexts

Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorff

Universiteit Antwerpen

S69 P411 The Politics and Practice of Resistance and Change in Food Policy BELESKY, Paul
Norwegian University of Life Sciences
S71 P114 EU Social Policy in the Post-crisis Era ANDREOU, George
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
S71 P336 Rethinking EU Politicisation SWARTZ, David
Boston University





S18 P347 Let’s all get Emotional! Personalization of Political Campaigning on Social Media in Comparative Perspective VALERIANI, Augusto
Università di Bologna
S41 P084 Political Storytelling on Instagram – Key Aspects of Alexander Van der Bellen’s Successful 2016 Presidential Election Campaign BERNHARDT, Petra
University of Vienna
S41 P250 The Missing Link? Modernisation, Tolerance, and Legislation on Homosexuality WYSS, Dominik
Universität Stuttgart
S71 P040 Why are there so many of them? How Perceived Immigration and Anti-immigrant Attitudes affect Solidarity BREZNAU, Nate
Mannheim Centre for European Social Research






DUMONT, Patrick University of Luxembourg Australian National University
GÜRSOY, Yaprak Istanbul Bilgi University Aston University
HANRETTY, Chris University of East Anglia University of London, Royal Holloway College
MAHONY, Chris Centre of International Law Research and Policy University of Oxford 
MOEN, Lars University of Oxford Australian National University
KORKMAZ, Dicle Antalya International University Antalya Bilim University
THOMSON, Robert University of Strathclyde Monash University







Meeting for the Standing Group on Parliaments

  Thursday 7 September, 12:45-14:00
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Meet the EPSR Editor: Carlos Closa Montero

Thursday 7 September, 12:45-14:00
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Thursday 7 September, 12:45-14:00

Meeting for the Standing Group on Extremism and Democracy   Friday 8 September, 12:45-14:00
HE U35
Meeting for the Standing Group on Kantian Political Thought Thursday 7 September, 12:45-14:00
Friday 8 September, 12:45-14:00
Meeting for the Standing Group on Political Networks   Friday 8 September, 12:45-14:00
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Meeting for the Standing Group on Public Opinion and Voting Behaviour in a Comparative Perspective   Friday 8 September, 12:45-14:00
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