ECPR Standing Group/External
University of Lausanne, ECPG Conference
8 - 10 June 2017

5th European Conference on Politics and Gender (ECPG)
University of Lausanne, Switzerland, 8–10 June 2017

The ECPR Standing Group on Gender and Politics was founded in 1985, and now has more than 750 members worldwide. It is a broad network of scholars researching issues relating to gender and sexuality in politics and world politics. The Group encourages Workshops, Panels and research groups with an emphasis on gender, and seeks to increase the profile of women in the main fields of political science.

Over the past twenty years, research in this field has expanded significantly, and the number of gender and politics scholars participating in ECPR Joint Sessions and General Conferences has increased exponentially.

In 2007, the Standing Group on Gender and Politics arranged its first ever conference, the European Conference on Politics and Gender (ECPG). The conference now takes place biennially.

For further information please contact the Events Team / +44 (0)1206 630049


Timetable now available 21/04/2017

The Academic Timetable is now available 🎉 This lists every Panel and when and where it is scheduled for.  You can search the Timetable for your Panel (by the Pxxx code or name) and there is a pdf version to download so you can plan which Panels you'd like to attend.


If you're unsure which Panel your Paper is in, you can check the Academic Programme by clicking "View All Papers" and searching for your name or Paper title.  The Panel time and location is also listed here.  Alternatively, you can find all the information about the Panel you're in by logging into your My ECPR account and going to My Events.  Here you'll find all the events you're involved with and in what capacty.  To the left of each event you're involved in is a "Click for details" button that will do just that.


If you have any queries, please email Becky Plant.

Timetable to be released shortly 07/04/2017

The timetable scheduling all Panels is currently being finalised and will be published online in the next week or so.  A link will appear in the menu on the right, and an email sent to everyone involved in the Conference will be sent a copy as soon as it has been completed.

Registration opens Thursday, 15 December 14/12/2016

Registration for the ECPG opens on Thursday morning.  Conference fees are €215 standard rate and €150 student rate.  Registration will close on 15 February 2017 at midnight UK time.  The link to register will appear in the menu on the right, above, as soon as it opens.

Registration delayed 01/12/2016

Following the Gender and Politics Standing Group's decision to extend the deadline for Panel and Paper submission, registration for the 2017 Conference on Politics & Gender has yet to open. We'll advise you as soon as it does.


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