ECPR Methods School

Excellence in Pedagogy

The ECPR Methods School aims to achieve pedagogical excellence through:

  • The recruitment of top-rated instructors, with a diversity of profiles, not only recognised as experts in their field but also as pedagogues.
  • The selection of qualified teaching assistants with applied research experience.
  • The possibility to interact with your Instructor and Teaching Assistant(s) on a daily basis.
  • Interactive pedagogy with courses in seminar format, capped at a maximum of 25 participants.
  • The offer of detailed information in extensive course outlines.
  • The online provision of ample preparatory reading material prior to the course.
  • The possibility to also meet Instructors and Teaching Assistants from other courses (through the plenary programme and other informal opportunities).
  • The possibility to ‘cross-fertilise’ with other methodological approaches, through various events in the plenary programme.
  • An extensive participants’ online evaluation survey, which enables the Academic Convenors to have a precise picture of the evaluation of each course by the participants, and to improve the course programme year by year (‘total quality’ policy).
  • Openness to participants’ suggestions: in the online evaluation survey, participants may suggest topics for new courses.
  • Transparency in the evaluation: each participant receives a summary of over-arching trends of the participants’ online evaluation survey, and of planned improvements for the next event.


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