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Universitetet i Oslo, Oslo
6 - 9 September 2017

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#Islamisation: A Brief History of an Imaginary Present View Paper Details
(De-)Constructing Participation at the Science-policy Interface: A Critical Inquiry View Paper Details
(Dis)satisfaction with Democracy in 24 Countries in 2004 and 2014 View Paper Details
(Non-)Populism in Austria. An Analysis of the Contagiousness of Populism in the Austrian Presidential Elections 2016 View Paper Details
(Post)factual Responses to Wicked Problems: Trade-off Types in Complex Coordination Cases View Paper Details
‘Ethnicised’ Inclusion in Times of Austerity: An Anthropology-of-Policy Perspective on Roma Inclusion Policies in Serbia View Paper Details
‘Impotence is the Magic Hood of Cowardice’: Developments and Implications of Militant Feminism in Germany between 1975-1995 View Paper Details
‘It’s the Autonomy, Stupid! …Or not?’ Governance Reforms and Higher Education Performance in Western Europe View Paper Details
‘Out of Commission’. The Next Career Paths of Former European Commissioners View Paper Details
‘Then he realised the other one was a Victim, too.’ How Competing Victimhood Constructions in Cambodia’s Transitional Justice Process Impacts Reconciliation View Paper Details
‘Thou Shalt Swim with Mixed Genders' View Paper Details
‘United in Diversity?’ Assessing the Effect of Varied Gender Quotas on Legislator Experience in the European Parliament View Paper Details
“Oh, I don’t care about that”: Chinese ENGOs and Climate Change Politics - Following not Leading View Paper Details
35 years after the ‘Grøxit’-referendum: Why the EU still plays an important role for Greenlandic diplomacy View Paper Details
A Battle for Resources: Personal Parliamentary Assistants and Party Control View Paper Details
A Business Case for International Bureaucrats? Why NATO and the OSCE Endure after the Cold War View Paper Details
A Community of Europeans?: Differentiation Processes among Natives and EU Residents in the UK View Paper Details
A Comparative Study of Citizens’ Evaluations of Campaign Pledge Fulfilment in Six Countries View Paper Details
A Comparison of Salience and Proximity Models of Voting Evidence from Belgium and Switzerland View Paper Details
A Cross-national Comparison of Eight Populist Attitudes Scales View Paper Details
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"Nothing in politics is ever as good or bad as it first appears" - Edward Boyle

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