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ECPR statement on the Joint Sessions fees

Since the start of the pandemic, we have been firmly committed to providing opportunities and support, both practical and financial, to ensure that scholars from across our community can continue to meet, present, develop and publish research even in the most uncertain times.

Building accessible events

Over the last two years, we have invested heavily into making our events as accessible as possible to all. We have:

  • Developed a bespoke online event platform and licensed Canvas as our learning management system, to facilitate the delivery of our virtual events;
  • Created additional funding streams such as the 50th Anniversary Fund and the EC Bonus Fund;
  • Expanded funding available to our groups and networks to support their activities at our events such as endorsed Sections and Workshops;
  • Increased the number of event participation grants available to students and early career scholars who are affiliated with ECPR Full Member institutions;
  • Reduced participation fees significantly, i.e., by up to 60%.

A roadmap to recovery

Now that the world starts to come back gradually to normality, we have begun our work on a roadmap to recovery. We need to ensure that our organisation has the resources necessary to continue delivering, growing and improving our services and activities. We need to meet the changing needs of all of researchers, from those just beginning their careers to more seasoned scholars.

With this in mind, we now begin a careful and measured return to our pre-pandemic Event Fees and Funding Policy which we had placed on hold in early 2020.

What this means

Those planning to participate in our forthcoming Joint Sessions of Workshops will notice that there is no fee differentiation between attending the Workshops being held at the University of Edinburgh, and the Workshops taking place virtually.

To maintain parity across all our events and locations in which they are held, we have, to date, aimed at having a standardised approach to setting our fees that factors in the value and benefit of participation to scholars.

Face-to-face exchange is a significant element of any academic event and thanks to the virtual environment we have built over the past two years, we have every confidence that participants at this year’s Joint Sessions will enjoy a valuable and rewarding experience irrespective of whether they are participating in a virtual or an in-person Workshop.

Registration fees

It is with this in mind that we have made the decision to set the 2022 Joint Sessions registration fees as follows, irrespective of the participation format:

  • ECPR Member £150.00
  • ECPR Student Member £55.00
  • ECPR Non-Member £500.00
  • ECPR Student Non-Member £325.00

While the above fees are higher, in most categories, than those for the 2021 Virtual Joint Sessions, they represent an average reduction of 17% on pre-pandemic (2019) pricing.

How we can help

We understand that institutions remain under increasing financial strain as a result of factors linked to the pandemic and beyond, and we remain dedicated to supporting individual careers and the discipline as a whole.

We therefore strongly encourage scholars that require support with their participation fee for this year’s Joint Sessions to consider the following funding avenues:

Event participation grants

Now open for applications; check eligibility and apply.

Open to PhD students and early career scholars from ECPR Full Member Institutions.

50th Anniversary Fund

Now open for applications; check eligibility and apply.

Available to individual scholars who are not eligible to apply for our standard event participant funding scheme.

Is your institution an ECPR Member?

If not, consider joining us! Institutional membership could unlock a huge variety of benefits for you and your colleagues, including access to funding, reduced participation fees and so much more. Discover our membership benefits.

As always, we are continuously looking for new opportunities to increase and improve the value to our affiliates and, in turn, their institution.

ECPR Executive Committee


24 February 2022
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