Rudolf Wildenmann Prize


The Wildenmann Prize is awarded annually to a scholar (before PhD or within five years of receiving their PhD) for an outstanding paper presented at the Joint Sessions of Workshops. This can be a co-authored paper provided all co-authors are also within five years of receiving their PhD.

The award for this prize is €1,000 and is presented at the following ECPR Joint Sessions of Workshops.

The 2017 prize jury comprises:

  • Birgit Sauer, University of Vienna
  • Reuven Hazan, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
  • Kris Deschouwer, Vrije (Chair), Universiteit Brussel
  • Anna Sroka, University of Warsaw
  • Yannis Papadopoulos, Universite de Lausanne/Cas Mudde, Universty of Georgia (Alternate years)

Further information will be sent directly to Workshop Directors.

Prize Winners

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