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Kantian Political Thought

Standing Group

Number of members: 175

Steering Committee Chair

  • Sorin Baiasu (Keele University)

Steering Committee

  • Jakub Szczepański (Jagiellonian University) Events Officer
  • Macarena Marey (CONICET) Media Officer
  • Christoph Hanisch (Ohio University) Media Officer
  • Zachary Vereb (University of Mississippi) Media Officer
  • luigi caranti (Università di Catania) Membership Officer
  • Marie Newhouse (University of Surrey) Advisor
  • Howard Williams (Cardiff University) Co-Chair
  • Jakob Rendl (University of Vienna) Conference Officer
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The Kantian Political Thought Standing Group (KSG) is an international network of academics that acknowledge the increasing importance of Kantian approaches today. Their research aims both to understand better the works of Kant and Kantian theorists, and to examine the various attempts to criticise and overcome the Kantian tradition. A distinctive feature of the KSG is a broad focus going beyond political theory and examining issues in ethics, epistemology, legal theory, anthropology, aesthetics, philosophy of religion and of history, as well as in other empirical disciplines and social sciences, in order to offer theoretical and practical answers to current political problems. Several topics of interest for the current members of the network, such as the issue of normativity, justification and application, relationship between metaphysics and practical philosophy and between epistemology and political philosophy, are becoming central questions for current debates within Kantian studies and moral and political philosophy more generally. The KSG aims to explore further these issues and to encourage the introduction and discussion of new topics and debates.