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Organised Crime

Standing Group

Established 2001 - Number of members: 144

Steering Committee Chair

  • Felia Allum (University of Bath)

Steering Committee

  • Helena Farrand Carrapico (Northumbria University)
  • Francesco Strazzari (Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna)
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The Standing Group on Organised Crime (SGOC) promotes research on organised crime across disciplinary, regional and professional boundaries. To this end, it offers a number of platforms such as its own website (, a blog, and diverse social media. Moroever, the SGOC organises Summer-Winter Schools, produces a blog with RUSI's SHOC, The Informer and has recently launched The European Review of Organised Crime, its own peer-reviewed open access journal. During Sections at ECPR General Conferences, it brings together junior and senior experts. It is also frequently involved in the publication of special journal issues and edited books.

Aims & Objectives

It is hoped that the Standing Group will facilitate the development of theoretical approaches as well as in-depth studies of empirical examples, to network members, to create fruitful exchanges between disciplines with a regular flow of information on projects, etc. This Standing Group would also allow researchers to meet on a regular basis and promote an active publication agenda.

The specific aims of this Standing Group are:

  • To promote the study of organised crime across disciplines and continents;
  • To initiate new research agendas according to the interests of members of the Standing Group as well as bringing together researchers, practitioners and policy makers to discuss them;
  • To develop and facilitate interdisciplinary cooperation and research among members;
  • To facilitate electronic and other forms of communication;
  • To provide more formal information with a bi-annual newsletter and a research directory (e-directory);
  • To contribute to the activities of the ECPR: To organise conferences and seminars on various aspects of organised crime and Workshops at the ECPR annual Joint Sessions and Panels at ECPR General Conferences.


SG Journal:

European Review of Organised Crime (Peer review open access on-line journal)

4th ECPR SGOC General Conference 2022

Luca Ranieri, Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies, Pisa, Italy)

Coming soon

SG Winter School, 2023