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Standing Group

Established 2013 - Number of members: 365

Steering Committee Chair

  • Nora Siklodi (University of Portsmouth)

Steering Committee

  • Frank Reichert (The University of Hong Kong) Co-chair
  • Gal Levy (Open University of Israel) Steering Committee member
  • Didem Cakmakli İşler (Antalya Bilim University) Steering Committee member
  • Andrea Szukala (Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster) Steering Committee member
  • Kjetil Børhaug (Universitetet i Bergen) Steering Committee member
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Citizenship has become one of the most dynamic areas of political contestation due to the social and political turmoil in the context of globalisation, transnationalism, migration and multi-level governance. In this Standing Group, citizenship and its personal, cultural, social, economic and political implications are investigated through interdisciplinary research from multiple theoretical perspectives. We address how citizenship continues to formulate relations between polities and individuals through rights, duties, participation and identities. In the context of increased diversity, less participation and growing political distrust we also explore and research how schools prepare citizens for their civic life in citizenship education.

Aims & Objectives

The common ground in this Standing Group is “Citizenship”, how it’s understood and theorized, legalized in the states, policies of citizenship, practiced in all aspects of societies as well as taught in school. The field as well as the group is clearly inter-disciplinary. 

  • Our major aim is to encourage research in all aspects of Citizenship.
  • We encourage networks of scholars in order to promote research.


  • Prepare quarterly newsletters
  • Prepare and endorse at least one section with panels at the General conferences and one Joint session each year.
  • Organize thematic conferences and building networks;
  • Support for publications, networks and summer schools to graduate students interested in the field of citizenship


The Group is to form a network and possibly present applications for research projects related to the field of citizenship, democracy, education and learning. The main task of the group will be to support and facilitate research and organise round table conferences between the main ECPR conferences. It will also arrange Sections and Panels at ECPR conferences