Food Policy and Governance

Research Network

Number of members: 147


  • Gerard Breeman (Departments of Political Science and Public Administration, Universiteit Leiden)

Steering Committee

  • Jessica Duncan (Wageningen University and Research Center)
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This research network addresses topics that relate to food policy and food governance. This includes: agricultural trade; food security; food policy; global governance; EU agricultural policies; and, the connections between food and environment, energy, water, and markets. We are particularly interested in interactions and implementation issues across policy levels, including the role of trust, multi-stakeholder platforms, and collaboration.


Activities within the ECPR framework
•Organization of a yearly section at ECPR General Conferences
•Organization of a yearly Research Network meeting at ECPR General Conferences

Internet-based activities
•Development of a webblog
•Establish a LinkedIn network
•Development of social media presence, e.g. facebook, twitter and youtube

Network and dissemination activities
•Organization of stand-alone workshops
•Selected dissemination activities targeted to policy makers and practitioners
•Develop plans for a PhD workshop/summer school

"History is past politics, and politics is past history" - E.A. Freeman

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