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Political Communication

Standing Group

Established 2018 - Number of members: 430

Steering Committee Chair

  • Laura Jacobs (Universiteit Antwerpen)

Steering Committee

  • Jonas Lefevere (Vrije Universiteit Brussel) Communication (website)
  • Linda Bos (University of Amsterdam) Co-Chair
  • Loes Aaldering (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam) Communication (newsletter)
  • Katjana Gattermann (University of Amsterdam) Events
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The Standing Group Political Communication encompasses research investigating the interactions amongst politics, media and the public. Areas of interest include, for example, research pertaining to the interaction between journalists and politicians, and the influence of media on politics, and vice versa, more broadly (media-politics); the impact of media on public opinion and electoral behaviour, as well as shifts in media in response to public preferences (media-public); the impact of public opinion on the behaviour and attitudes of political elites, and the direct communication of politicians with the public (politics-public). You can follow us on our Twitter page for new activities, info, publications @ECPR_PolCom


The research network aims to establish a solid structure for scholars in the field of political communication to work together. It does so through a variety of initiatives:

-    Organization of a dedicated Political Communication section at the ECPR General Conference;
-    Organization of workshops at the ECPR Joint Sessions;
-    Organization of an Annual Meeting of the Political Communication research network at the ECPR General Conference;
-    Organization of biannual methods workshops for political communication scholars, which are particularly aimed at training young scholars in methods specific to the subject area (e.g. interdisciplinary challenges, mixed method designs combining media and survey data, (semi-) experimental designs, automated content analyses).

In addition to these (bi)annual activities, the research network will strive to establish an ongoing network of communication amongst scholars engaged in political communication research. The network will maintain a website, establish a mailing list and organize a regular electronic newsletter that is distributed amongst its members. The newsletter highlights events relevant to the discipline, new publications by network members, reports on the (bi)annual events organized by the research network, and provides network members a chance to provide a short overview of their activities and thereby to actively contribute to the network on an informal basis.


The Steering Committee of the Standing Group on Political Communication will comprise of between four and six members, elected from the group members