Kriesi & Pappas-edited 'European Populism in the Shadow of the Great Recession'


Covering twenty-five populist parties in seventeen European states, this is the first comparative study of the impact of the Great Recession on populism.

Chapters offer a highly differentiated view of how the interplay between economic and political crises helped populist development across Europe. Populism grew strongly in Southern and Central-Eastern Europe, particularly where an economic crisis developed in tandem with a political one. Nordic populism also rose, but this region’s populist parties have been surprisingly responsible. In Western Europe, populism actually contracted during the crisis – with the exception of France. As for the Anglo-Celtic countries, while the UK saw the rise of a strong anti-European populist force, no such a party has risen in Ireland, in spite of the severity of its economic and political crises. 

'...a distinctive and novel contribution to the field... A convincing, informative and relevant comparative analysis.' Daniele Caramani, University of Zurich

Keywords: Populism

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