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Tromostovje Bridge Ljubljana

Venue and location

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Conference venues | Format and travel arrangements | ChildcareGetting there | Getting around


Eager to plan your trip to beautiful Slovenia?

A whole host of tour and trip possibilities awaits. Visit this page to start exploring. 


Did you know?

Ljubljana won Europe's Best Destination 2022 with the highest number of votes outside its borders in the entire history of this competition. Find out more.

Conference venue

The conference will take place at the following location:

Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ljubljana
Kardeljeva ploščad 5
1000 Ljubljana

Dance Party Venue - LP Bar - Novi trg 2, 1000 Ljubljana

Format and travel arrangements 

While we are actively planning to host a physical event in Ljubljana, we are prepared to adopt a hybrid, or a fully virtual format, if necessary. 

Please do not book your travel and accommodation until you have heard about the outcome of your proposal.

When arranging travel and accommodation, please ensure that your booking is refundable. It is your responsibility to arrange appropriate travel insurance. ECPR is not liable for reimbursing the cost of travel or accommodation made by participants.  


If you require childcare while attending the Conference, our organisers suggest that you get in touch with Mala ulica – an organisation in the centre of Ljubljana that offers organised childminding.

Mala ulica offers childcare services from 07:30 to 16:00 across its four sites in Ljubljana:

  • Family centre
  • Garden on Rakova jelša ('Vrtišče')
  • Forest (forest school)
  • Gmajnica Shelter

For further information and bookings, please get in touch with Eva S. Kreslin at or +38641565639, indicating that you are attending the ECPG Conference.

Disclaimer: ECPR cannot accept responsibility for the quality of childcare provided by third parties, nor for any accident or injury sustained by your child or children while under their care. All bookings with third parties are subject to the terms and conditions of that third party.

Getting there – from the airport

Ljubljana Airport is located within 20 km from the centre of Ljubljana and benefits from good connections with other European airports.

There is a daily bus service connecting the airport and the Ljubljana Bus Station. The fare is €4.10 and the ride takes 47 minutes.

Information on bus connections from the airport is available here.

To get to the airport, bus tickets can be purchased at the counter of the Ljubljana Bus Station or online from the Ljubljana Bus Station website.

T: +386 (0)1 234 46 00

Bookings for bus tickets from Ljubljana: 
T: 1991 (the number is available only for calls placed from within Slovenian phone networks)

You can also reach the city centre by the airport shuttle service*. The fare varies from €6 to €19.

*Shuttle service is provided by:

Taxi services are available in front of the airport building; prices vary from approximately €20.00 to €45.00. 

Official taxi providers can be identified by special permits, which are placed under windscreens.

Airtrail Slovenija
M: +386 (0)41 281 228

T +386 (0)70 720 414

A wide range of car rental service providers can be found at the airport.

Getting around

Ljubljana city buses are operated by the Ljubljanski potniški promet (LPP) public utility company.

For bus travel, purchase the Urbana public transport card. It is available from LPP ticket offices, tourist information centres and most of the city's newspaper kiosks, newsstands and post offices. The card is priced at €2 and can store up to €50 of credit to be spent on city bus fares. The Urbana card can be topped up with cash at all the above-mentioned sales outlets and the green Urbanomat ticket machines located across the city, mostly next to bus stops.

A single journey fare is €1.30. It covers an up to 90-minute journey regardless of the number of buses needed to be changed to reach the destination.

The BicikeLJ is a bicycle-sharing system that gives you an opportunity to hire bikes from self-service terminals located across the wider Ljubljana city centre. The BicikeLJ offers 32 stations in Ljubljana, from 300 to 500 metres apart.

BicikeLJ bikes are particularly convenient for shorter, up to one-hour-long rides as hire is free if you return a hired bicycle to the nearest docking station within an hour and wait for five minutes before hiring a new one.

The use of the BicikeLJ system is practically free of charge. The only cost involved is the symbolic fee for compulsory online registration with the system, which stands at €1 for a week and €3 for a year and must be completed in advance of hiring.

The Centre of Ljubljana provides numerous possibilities for finding a vacant taxi.

Charges range between €0.80 and €1.50 for the starting fee and from €0.70 to €1.70 per kilometre. These are lower when taxis are ordered by phone. In any case, it is advisable to enquire about the fare before the ride.

Taxi company Contact details
Metro Taxi

T: 080 11 90
M: +386(0) 41 240 200

Taxi Laguna

T: 080 11 17/+383 (0) 1 511 2314
M: +386(0) 31 492 299

Rumeni Taxi

T: +386 (0) 41 731 831

Taxi Rondo

T: 080 900 900
M: +386 (0) 41 970 970

Train is also a convenient means of transport within the country as distances are mainly short and travel costs low. Ljubljana benefits from good railway links with all large European cities. The railway station is located in the centre of Ljubljana.

The Slovenian Railways call centre can be reached on 1999 (indicative call price; €0.75; the price varies depending on your network provider).

The answering service (information on train timetables from Ljubljana) is available by calling: +386 90 93 9801.