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University of Catania, Italy, Standing Group on International Relations Summer School
10 - 15 June 2019

Summer School of the ECPR Standing Group on International Relations

What next? Exit from or exit to order and hegemony

University of Catania, Department of Political and Social Sciences, 10–15 June 2019

This Summer School focuses on the reform of the order, institutions, and power relations of the world political system.

In the past, scholars explained international stability and order as the outcome of alliances and the balance of power among dominant states.

Hegemonic theory scholars showed how hegemonic coalitions produce policies, manage crises, and provide security and collective goods to the whole system. This was true for the current world system until the present time of contrasting developments like interdependence and fragmentation, regionalism and fascination with sovereignty.

Such contrasting developments challenge the predictability of the systemic conditions that will bring the world out of its increasing disorder, and take it out to the next hegemonic (or not) hegemonic order.

In past international systems, systemic conditions and the political, economic and social needs of states shaped hegemonic order. IR scientists developed a variety of reflections, empirical studies and policy prescriptions to capture the reality, and formulate perspectives about the future.

In this Summer School, prominent scholars will help participants develop new knowledge about the political actors, institutions, coalitions, and policies reshaping the world political order.

The School connects you to an international network of researchers and lets you interact with junior and senior IR scholars. You will present and discuss your own research and get feedback and exchange from Instructors and fellow participants.

Registration €250 per student

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