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Political Research Exchange - PRX

Contemporary Security Challenges

Panel Number
Panel Chair
Oleg Korneev
University of Sheffield
Panel Co-Chair
Florian Trauner
Vrije Universiteit Brussel
Panel Discussant
Marcello Carammia
University of Malta

04/09/2014 09:00 - 10:40
Building: Adam Smith Floor: 7 Room: 711
This panel aims to offer novel empirical and theoretical perspectives to contemporary border security studies. In particular, empirically, it will try to stimulate discussions around multiple mechanisms of regulation related to various types of border crossing - migration management, control of the movement of goods and services, collection of excise tax, prevention of smuggling of drugs, weapons, endangered species and other illegal or hazardous goods and materials, the spread of human or animal diseases and related areas. Theoretically, it will attempt to link more conventional border studies with innovative approaches such as the concept of borderlands, engage in critical discussions of border security discourse produced by various actors and bring to the front the role played in contemporary border security by various global and/or international governors.

Paper List

Title Details
A New Agenda for Policing: Understanding the Heroin Trade in Eastern Africa View Paper Details
Criminal Infiltration in Legal Economy and Corruption: Well-Established Phenomena in Italy and in Europe View Paper Details
International Organisations in the Absence of a Global Migration Regime: Towards Governor-Centred Research on Global Migration Governance View Paper Details
When Visa-Free Travel becomes Difficult to Achieve and Easy to Lose: The EU Visa-Free Dialogues after the EU’s Experience with the Western Balkans View Paper Details
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