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Non-State Responses to Insecurity and Corruption

Europe (Central and Eastern)
Ethnic Conflict
Organised Crime
Public Policy
Panel Number
Panel Chair
Oldrich Bures
Metropolitan University Prague
Panel Co-Chair
Daniela Irrera
Università di Catania
Panel Discussant
Francesco Giumelli
Rijksuniversiteit Groningen
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05/09/2014 11:00
Building: Adam Smith Floor: 7 Room: 711
The fight against the contemporary key threats to (inter-)national security is generally considered to be a key task for national governments worldwide. In several areas, however, private rather than public entities have shouldered the bulk of the burden of this fight. This panel therefore focuses on the role public-private partnerships (the business community) and non-governmental organisations (mass media, NGOs) have in countering corruption in particular and insecurity in general.

Paper List

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State-Building in Crisis: The Sejdic-Finci Deadlock and its Impact on the Politics of Corruption in BiH View Paper Details
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