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Making the Elusive Visible and Tangible: Corruption in Politics and in the Private Sector

Organised Crime
Panel Number
Panel Chair
Liz Campbell
University of Edinburgh
Panel Discussant
Anna Sergi
University of Essex

05/09/2014 09:00 - 10:40
Building: Adam Smith Floor: 7 Room: 711
This panel invites papers on corruption in politics and in the private sector. It wishes to focus on the politics-crime nexus and various corrupt practices teeming private businesses. Other aspects of research on corruption are welcome as well including, but not limited to, law enforcement capacities in the fight against corruption, the development of rule and law-based criminal justice systems, police cooperation, exchange of information and mutual legal assistance.

Paper List

Title Details
EU Law Enforcement Capacities in the Fight Against Terrorism, Organised Crime and Corruption View Paper Details
Political Corruption in the Developing World: The Effects of Colonial Rule and Decolonisation View Paper Details
Politics that Corrupts? On how State Capacity and Political Connections Influence Institutionalised Grand Corruption in Hungary View Paper Details
The Dichotomy of Principles within the Anticorruption Regime and the Effects on its Development: Anti-Bribery Principle versus Anticorruption Principle View Paper Details
Towards a ‘Sociological Turn’ in Corruption Studies: Or Why Fighting Graft in the Developing World is (mostly) Infeasible, (largely) Unnecessary, and (sometimes) Counterproductive View Paper Details
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