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Bureaucratic Perspectives on International Organizations

Comparative Politics
International Relations
Public Administration
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Panel Chair
Ronny Patz
Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München – LMU
Panel Co-Chair
Steffen Eckhard
Universität Konstanz
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29/08/2015 14:00
Building: Jean-Brillant Floor: 3 Room: B-3325
International organizations (IOs) are increasingly considered important actors in the realm of global governance. Many of the challenges countries face cut across state borders, and the growth of international organizations in number, resources and staff size reflects the trend to delegate tasks to these actors. In light of this development, researchers have started to look more closely inside international organizations, trying to understand how administrative structures, internal processes, available resources, staff composition as well as organizational cultures and styles define the work of IOs. The ultimate aim is to assess what impact international bureaucrats have on the way their organizations work and evolve over time.

With this panel, we seek to enhance exchange among scholars who study internal organizational from an organizational perspective in order to learn how internal processes impact IOs’ performance and learning, and how international bureaucracies respond to challenges their organizations face from the outside world: How do IOs and their administrations react to international crises? How is their performance affected by limited budgets, doubts over their effectiveness and legitimacy, or by leadership change? Does the increasing politicization of international politics affect the work of international civil servants, and do overlapping portfolios of IOs foster cooperation or competition between international public administrations?

Answering these and related questions will further advance ongoing research looking more closely into international organizations. At the same time, it will enlarge the horizon of previous research perspectives by systematically considering the inter-linkages of internal administrative processes with external environments of IOs. Acknowledging the multi-dimensional and multi-level nature of policy-making at international level, the panel will advance our knowledge on how international organizations’ internal work is shaped by their place in the global system, and how internal dynamics may shape global policy-making.

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