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ECPR Rising Star Award

Digital Media and the Spatial Transformation of Public Contention

Political theory

Workshop Director
Anastasia Kavada
University of Westminster
Workshop Co-Director
Thomas Poell
University of Amsterdam

26/04/2017 09:00 - 17:00
Building: Dearing Building Room: Room A34
The proposed workshop explores and theorizes how the rise of online platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Tumblr, is affecting the spatial configuration of public contention. The goal is to create a cross-disciplinary network of scholars to develop a new dynamic conception of publicness. Rather than simply situating contentious politics within a specific ‘sphere’ that serves as their container, we are interested in examining how contentious politics unfolds across different geographical, cultural, political and material configurations. The workshop specifically calls for papers that investigate and conceptualize how in contemporary protests relations of publicness are constantly redrawn across the ‘local’, ‘national’, and ‘transnational’. Moreover, it aims to stimulate research on how the technological infrastructures of the emerging hybrid media system, in which digital platforms, broadcast media, and face-to-face communication are deeply entangled, shape the spatial trajectories of public contention. Finally, the workshop hopes to attract papers that critically examine how the intense use of digital media in public contestation, often in combination with alternative media, further confuses the traditional distinction between ‘public’ and ‘commercial’ space. In combination, the papers should enable a lively debate on how to research and theorize public contention in the new communication environment. Do we have to revise or even abandon dominant conceptualizations of publicness, like the public sphere, which are very much predicated on the nation state? And if so, what new concepts do we need to understand how the rapid development of digital platforms is transforming the spaces of public contestation?

Paper List

Title Details
#WhySpaceMatters: Spatial Analysis of Communicative Practices and the Occupation of Urban Space in Contemporary Activism View Paper Details
‘Who’ll Stop the Rain’? The Dissemination and Regulation of Protest Songs Online View Paper Details
Algorithmic Visibility View Paper Details
Barriers, Shifts and Flows: Protests and Structures of the Communicative Spaces View Paper Details
External Citizens and Social Media: Participating in Civic Unrest from Abroad. The Case of Turks and Iranians in Sweden View Paper Details
Fragments and Failures of Contentiousness: Rethinking the Politics of Mediated Public Spaces View Paper Details
From #KämpaShowan to #KämpaMalmö and Beyond View Paper Details
Online Grassroots Campaigns and Their Hybrid Forms of Representative Claims View Paper Details
Public Contention in the Hybrid Media System: 38 Degrees and the Organisational Management of Digital Micro-Activism View Paper Details
Publicness in Transnational Demo(i)cracy: The European Citizens’ Initiative and the Interplay between the Subnational, National and Transnational View Paper Details
Tactical maptivism. Conceptualizing counter-mapping practices as a political tactic View Paper Details
The Hybrid Media Space of Nerd Politics View Paper Details
The Rise and Fall of Weibo Online Mass Incidents in China from 2010 to 2016 View Paper Details
Trajectories of Publicness and Contestation View Paper Details
Transatlantic Trade and the City: How the Transnational Coalition Stop TTIP Shifted Scales Back to the Local Level View Paper Details
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