From Maastricht to Brexit by Richard Bellamy and Dario Castiglione

New Trends in Transnational Organised Crime: A Look into Cyber Crime and Trafficking of Human Beings

Panel Number
Panel Chair
Helena Farrand Carrapico
Aston University
Panel Co-Chair
Javier Argomaniz
University of St Andrews

Given modern societies’ increased reliance on borderless and decentralized information technologies, cyberspace has been identified as an easy target for actors such as organised criminals, hacktivists or terrorist networks. Such analysis has been accompanied by governmental calls to step up the fight against unlawful online activities, namely through increased cooperation among law enforcement authorities, the approximation of legislations, and public- private partnerships. This panel welcomes papers exploring cyber crime activities and methods, as well as their control by governmental and/ or international actors.

Paper List

Going Dark? Amending Electronic Surveillance Laws to Keep Pace with New Communications Technology View Paper Details
Myths of Cybercrime View Paper Details
The ‘Trafficking Chain’ in the International Criminal Offence of Trafficking in Human Beings View Paper Details
The Corporatisation of Cybercrime View Paper Details
The Internal, the External and the Virtual: The Coherence of EU Cyber Crime and EU Cyber Security Strategy View Paper Details
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