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The European Union and Beyond

Investigating the Concept, Study, and Practice of Gender Sensitive Parliaments

Panel Number
Panel Chair
Jessica Smith
University of Southampton
Panel Discussant
Anne Maria Holli
University of Helsinki

08/06/2017 14:30 - 16:15
Building: Anthropole Floor: 2 Room: 2024
Parliaments play an important role in redressing gender imbalances. While researchers and practitioners initially focused on descriptive and substantive representation, they have increasingly turned to symbolic representation in recent years. In this context, focus has shifted to the institution, its architecture and structure, practices and modes of functioning. Researchers and practitioners address the question at what levels and to what extent parliaments, as institutions, contain a gender bias, and also explore what modifications would make them more gender sensitive. This panel aims to address the state of the art and to explore new avenues when it comes to our knowledge on gender sensitive parliaments. The papers tackle a broad range of issues, from a theoretical unpacking of the concept of gender sensitivity and its relation to gender+ equality, to a number of recent case studies and experiences.

Paper List

Title Details
From Gender Sensitive Parliaments to Diversity Sensitive Parliaments: The Good Parliament at Westminster View Paper Details
Gendering the Finnish Parliament: From Gender Equality Planning to Gender Sensitive Parliament View Paper Details
Is Canada’s Prime Minister Trudeau Merely a Facebook Feminist? View Paper Details
The Swedish Parliament – A Gender Sensitive Working Place? View Paper Details
What Type of Equality are we Talking About when we Speak of Gender Sensitive Parliaments? View Paper Details
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