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Political Research Exchange - PRX

Exploring Women’s Representation Beyond Legislatures

Panel Number
Panel Chair
Susan Franceschet
University of Calgary
Panel Discussant
Diana O'Brien
Indiana University

09/06/2017 08:30 - 10:15
Building: Anthropole Floor: 2 Room: 2064
Gender and politics scholars have produced a significant body of research exploring all aspects of women’s representation in elected bodies. Much of this research has focused on parliaments, since that is where women's presence has grown most rapidly, especially since the adoption of gender quotas in so many countries. Women’s presence as executives and members of judiciaries has grown more slowly, but recent gains have prompted greater scholarly attention to the factors leading to increased descriptive representation of women in cabinets and high courts, and the impact that women’s presence in those arenas may have. The papers in this panel examine women’s descriptive and substantive representation in cabinets, high courts, and in under-studied offices at the local level, namely, police and crime commissioners in England and Wales. Papers ask whether theories of political recruitment developed to explain parliamentary representation still hold when applied to other arenas, like high courts and cabinets. Papers also explore whether women in other arenas engage in the substantive representation of women's policy interests and promote women's rights in their roles as elected officials in executive arenas.

Paper List

Title Details
Gender Diversity on High Courts View Paper Details
Gender, Representation, and Policy Outcomes: Analysing the Role of Elected Executive Actors at the Local Level View Paper Details
Gendered Patterns of Ministerial Recruitment in Presidential and Parliamentary Democracies View Paper Details
Women’s Appointment to High Courts around the World: Gendered Pipelines? View Paper Details
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