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Political Research Exchange - PRX

Exploring the Dynamics of Democratization and De-Democratization for Gender+ Equality II

Contentious Politics
Panel Number
Panel Chair
Conny Roggeband
University of Amsterdam
Panel Discussant
Birte Siim
Aalborg Universitet

09/06/2017 16:15 - 18:00
Building: Anthropole Floor: 2 Room: 2064
While in many parts of the globe political and social movements strive for democratization and manage to make political processes and mechanisms more inclusive and participatory, we also increasingly see alarming countertendencies. Many countries seem to show signs of backsliding, restricting independent media, hindering the functioning of courts, or narrowing down the political space for civil society. Political leaders and parties with anti-democratic agendas are democratically elected or use democratic instruments like referenda to push for exclusion and separation, or for the unlimited operation of capitalism. These developments imply important drawbacks for the feminist project and for the progress of gender+ equality, impacting some domains more or more strongly than others, some intersectional groups more strongly or faster than others.

What are the implications of these worrisome political dynamics for gender+ equality policies and institutions? This double panel presents a wide variety of papers that deepen our understanding of how dynamics of de-democratization and democratization affect gender+ equality across a range of different policy areas. Papers are both theoretical and empirical, focusing on a range of different contexts (Central and Eastern Europe, Southern Europe, Western Europe, Latin America, MENA).

Paper List

Title Details
Feminism, Democratization and De-Democratization: Brexit and the Future of the EU View Paper Details
State Reconfigurations and Domestic Violence Policy Regimes View Paper Details
The Legacy of Gender-Unequal Regimes on Support for Women Politicians View Paper Details
The Spanish Gender Regime between De-Democratization and Democratization Dynamics View Paper Details
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