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Political Research Exchange - PRX

Gendering Populist Radical Right Leadership and Activism

Political Leadership
Political Parties
Political Activism
Panel Number
Panel Chair
Francesca Scrinzi
University of Glasgow
Panel Discussant
Ekaterina Rashkova
University of Utrecht

09/06/2017 14:00 - 15:45
Building: Anthropole Floor: 2 Room: 2024
Current developments in populist radical right (PRR) politics in Europe are highly gendered. The traditional ‘gender gap’ in PRR support is narrowing. Female politicians mobilise stereotypes of women as caring and non-aggressive to counter these parties’ stigmatisation. Parties have also modified their programmes to accommodate with evolving models of gender in society.
Whereas scholarship has intensified to tackle the gendered dimensions of the electoral appeal, ideology and policy of these parties, this panel explores how gender shapes the experiences and strategies of PRR activists and leaders. How is gender mobilised by leaders to promote a ‘modern’ public image of these parties? To what extent do female leaders renew models of masculine charismatic leadership? How is gender reproduced and transformed through activism in these male-dominated parties? Which are the gendered motives attracting men and women to these parties? How do models of masculinity/femininity embodied by PRR leaders appeal to male/female members?

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