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The European Union and Beyond

Examining Female Leadership

Comparative Politics
Political Leadership
Political Parties
Party Members
Panel Number
Panel Chair
Louise Davidson-Schmich
University of Miami
Panel Discussant
Kimberly Cowell-Meyers
American University

10/06/2017 12:45 - 14:30
Building: Anthropole Floor: 2 Room: 2064
Women’s increasing presence in top political positions, including Presidencies, Prime Ministerships, Cabinet posts, and party leadership, raises new questions for political scientists regarding the relationship between gender and executive leadership. This panel tackles four of these related questions: How do women rise to power in (conservative) parties to begin with? How does the public evaluate female-led political parties? What impact does having a female leader have on women’s substantive representation? And finally, how can theories of leadership be gendered?

Paper List

Title Details
(Fe)male Leaders and Citizens’ Perceptions of Political Parties View Paper Details
Cracking the (Conservative) Glass Ceiling. Why do Some Conservative Women become the First Executive Leader of a Country? View Paper Details
Differences in Rhetoric of Male and Female Leaders in the Context of Populist Right Parties View Paper Details
Female Prime Ministers and Discursive Institutionalism View Paper Details
Feminizing Leadership Theory: Angela Merkel as a Case Study View Paper Details
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