Institutions in the knowledge policy domain - Neo-institutional approaches to analyses of higher education, research, and innovation

Public Administration
Public Policy
Higher Education
Panel Number
Panel Chair
Jens Jungblut
Universitetet i Oslo
Panel Discussant
Tim Seidenschnur
University of Kassel

This Panel focuses on applying neo-institutional theories to the policy domain of higher education, research and innovation. The presentations and papers in this panel pursue new developments in neo-institutional theory, i.e. go beyond path-dependence and isomorphisms, such as studying institutional logics, focusing on actors and institutional work, historical institutionalist accounts of longitudinal changes, or discuss intersections of different organizational fields. In this, papers aim both at shedding light on empirical developments in higher education, research or innovation using a neo-institutional lens as well as furthering neo-institutional conceptual development based on their empirical argument. The panel is open to many different sub-groups within the neo-institutional spectrum and discussion as well as comparison among the different approaches are very much encouraged.

Paper List

Boundary organizations between the state, market and two professions – Comparing organizational design and governance of university medical schools in the US and Europe View Paper Details
Competing Institutional Logics at Universities. Checks and Balances between Consultants and intra-organizational Communities View Paper Details
Conceptualizing major institutional change in higher education View Paper Details
Field theory in higher education and the perils of verticality View Paper Details
Live and (let) die – determinants of organizational survival and demise in US higher education View Paper Details
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