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2021 Conference of the ECPR Standing Group on Politics and Gender

The Future of European Security and Defence Post-Brexit

European Union
Comparative Perspective
Panel Number
Panel Chair
Cornelia Baciu
Johns Hopkins University
Panel Discussant
Benjamin Martill
University of Edinburgh

23/08/2018 11:00 - 12:40
Building: VMP 9 Floor: 2 Room: 28
This Panel aims at generating an academic discussion related to security and defence transformation in Europe after Brexit. A new strategic environment (e.g. Brexit, the rise of emergent powers), novel constellations of security threats (e.g. hybrid, cyber) and post-Trump transatlantic differences have triggered a re-thinking of the EU security and defence policy. A series of defence cooperation initiatives (e.g. PESCO) could modernise the defence capabilities and increase inter-operability between the defence forces of EU member states. Defence innovation, such as plans to build a new European fighter jet or advancements in the drone sector, could increase the capacity of EU as a security-provider to its citizens on one side and to societies in fragile states on the other side. The new capabilities might also provide that element of strategic autonomy highlighted in the EU Global Strategy 2016. Nonetheless, collective endeavours might be correlated with collective action problems. Using a range of theoretical models and methodological approaches, the papers in this Panel explore the prospects and challenges associated with the new EU security and defence landscape.

Paper List

Title Details
Capacity Build-Up in Europe: Technological Innovation and Defence Cooperation in the Drone Sector View Paper Details
European Security Integration After Brexit: It’s Ideologies, Stupid View Paper Details
Strategic Convergence the Prospects for Security Cooperation in Europe Post-Brexit. A Comparative Study of EU28 View Paper Details
The Future of UK-EU Defence Cooperation Post-Brexit: A Neoclassical Realist Approach View Paper Details
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