ECPR Joint Sessions
Universidad de Salamanca, Salamanca
10 - 15 April 2014

Academic Programme - Workshops

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01Administrative Organisation and the Welfare State: Wicked Issues and the Challenges of Accountability, Legitimacy and Coordination View Workshop Details
02Authority and Control in International Organisations View Workshop Details
03Beyond Supply and Demand: Gender and Political Recruitment in Comparative Perspective View Workshop Details
04Causes and Consequences of Judicial Selection and Turnover at the Supreme/High Court Level View Workshop Details
05Climate Ethics and Climate Economics View Workshop Details
06Constitutionalising Security: The Case of the EU View Workshop Details
07Contemporary Meanings of Party Membership View Workshop Details
08Defending or Damaging Democracy? The Establishment’s Reactions to Political Extremists in Liberal Democracies View Workshop Details
09Democratic Regressions: Patterns and Causes View Workshop Details
10Economic Recession, Democratic Recession? View Workshop Details
11Gender, Representation, and Power in the Executive Branch View Workshop Details
12Mapping the Emerging Hybrid World Order: How Global Governance Networks and Regimes Interact with Shifting Inter-State Hierarchies in Shaping Global Policies View Workshop Details
13Methodological Challenges and Contradictory Results in the Study of Interest Groups View Workshop Details
14National vs. Supranational Banking Supervision View Workshop Details
15Political Capital and the Dynamics of Leadership: Exploring the Leadership Capital Index View Workshop Details
16Political Clientelism and the Quality of Public Policy View Workshop Details
17Political Organisation in Transformation? The Impact of State Regulation on Parties, Interest Groups and NGOs in Advanced Democracies View Workshop Details
18Regime Legitimisation Through Institutional Reform: Analysing its Dimensions and Effectiveness View Workshop Details
19Resources, Abilities, Motivation and What Else? Studying Inequalities in Political Knowledge in Democratic Systems View Workshop Details
20Sharing Natural Resources in Times of Climate Change: Justice, Culture and Natural Resource Governance View Workshop Details
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"Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety." - Benjamin Franklin

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