ECPR Joint Sessions
Université catholique de Louvain, Mons, Belgium, UCL Mons
8 - 12 April 2019

Academic Programme - Workshops

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WS01Attitudes to Decentralization in Multi-Level States View Workshop Details
WS02Authoritarianism Beyond the State View Workshop Details
WS03Comparing Local Elections and Voting: Lower Rank, Different Kind… or Missing Link? View Workshop Details
WS04Convergence versus Divergence of Mass-Elite Political Cleavages: Conceptual, Methodological, and Theoretical Innovations View Workshop Details
WS05Democratic Backsliding in EU Member States and Candidate Countries View Workshop Details
WS06Electoral Democracy and European Integration: How the Current EU Crises Affect Voters, Parties and Elections in the European Multi-Level Electoral System View Workshop Details
WS07Elites' Ability to Represent Citizens View Workshop Details
WS08Emotions and Populism View Workshop Details
WS09Formal and Informal Intergovernmental Organisations in Time: Explaining Transformations in Global Governance View Workshop Details
WS10Judicial Authority Under Pressure: Politicisation and Backlash against Courts in the Age of Populism View Workshop Details
WS11Kant on Political Change: Theoretical Grounds and Global Implications View Workshop Details
WS12Legitimacy in Global Governance: Elite Communication, Populist Rhetoric, and (De-)legitimation Practices View Workshop Details
WS13Migrants’ Access to Welfare in Times of Crisis: Policy Transformations and Migrants’ Experiences in the EU View Workshop Details
WS14Networked Environmental Politics: New Approaches to New Challenges View Workshop Details
WS15New Trends in the Conceptualisation of Political Corruption View Workshop Details
WS16Opposition Parties as Strategic Actors in Parliament View Workshop Details
WS17Parliaments and Government Termination View Workshop Details
WS18Personalism and Personalist Regimes: Theory and Comparative Perspective View Workshop Details
WS20Political Parties and Deliberative Practices: Use and Abuse View Workshop Details
WS21Rethinking the Governance of Financial Integration from the Bottom Up: Beyond the Debates on Financialisation and Post-Crisis Reform View Workshop Details
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"In all forms of Government the people is the true Legislator" - Edmund Burke

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