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Course Type 
Course Category 
SA101Short Course
Data analysis (short)
R BasicsAkos Mate, Alexandru Moise View Course Details
SA102Short Course
Data analysis (short)
Python Programming for Social Scientists: Big Data, Web Scraping and Other Useful Programming TricksEszter Somos View Course Details
SA103Short Course
Data analysis (short)
Introduction to STATAAndrew X. Li View Course Details
SA104Short Course
Data analysis (short)
Refresher in Regression (before you take a more advanced stats class)Levente Littvay View Course Details
SA105Short Course
Data analysis (short)
Introduction to Exploratory Network AnalysisOrsolya Vasarhelyi View Course Details
SA106Short Course
Data analysis (short)
Introduction to NVivo for Qualitative Data AnalysisMarie-Hélène Paré View Course Details
SA107Short Course
Data analysis (foundation)
Introduction to Case-Based Research and Set-Theoretic ThinkingIoana-Elena Oana View Course Details
SB101Second Week AM
Research design/fundamentals
Introduction to Historical MethodsRobert Adcock View Course Details
SB102First Week AM
Research design/fundamentals
Introduction to Interpretive Research Designs: From Research Question to Research ProposalPeregrine (Peri) Schwartz-Shea View Course Details
SB103First Week PM
Research design/fundamentals
Multi-Method Research: Techniques and ApplicationsErin Jenne View Course Details
SB104Second Week AM
Research design/fundamentals
Methods in Political Theory and Normative AnalysisAndres Moles View Course Details
SB105Two Week AM
Research design/fundamentals
Case Study Research: Method and PracticeIngo Rohlfing View Course Details
SB106First Week AM
Research design/fundamentals
Introduction to Process Tracing MethodologyRasmus Brun Pedersen View Course Details
SB107Second Week Advanced Workshop
Research design/fundamentals
Process Tracing Methodology in PracticeDerek Beach View Course Details
SB108Two Week PM
Research design/fundamentals
Qualitative Comparative Analysis and Fuzzy SetsIoana-Elena Oana, Carsten Q. Schneider View Course Details
SB109Second Week PM
Research design/fundamentals
Longitudinal Research Designs - Qualitative ApproachesErin Jenne View Course Details
SB111Second Week PM
Research design/fundamentals
Experimental Research: Theory Development, Hypothesis Generation and Empirical TestsJohn Jost View Course Details
SB112AFirst Week AM
Research design/fundamentals
Causal Inference in the Social Sciences I: Randomised Controlled Trials and Matched DesignsDániel Horn View Course Details
SB112BSecond Week AM
Research design/fundamentals
Causal Inference in the Social Sciences II: Difference in Difference, Regression Discontinuity and InstrumentsDániel Horn View Course Details
SC101Second Week Advanced Workshop
Data collection/generation
Expert Interviews for Qualitative Data GenerationAlenka Jelen-Sanchez View Course Details
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