ECPR General Conference
Charles University in Prague, Prague
7 - 10 September 2016

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#FeesMustFall: Causes, Characteristics, and Higher Education Policy Implications of the 2015 South African Student Movement View Paper Details
#refugeeswelcome: Social Media and the Communication Power Balance in the European Public Sphere View Paper Details
#Thisisacoup: Portuguese Democracy under Austerity View Paper Details
(Can't get no) Satisfaction through Direct Democracy? View Paper Details
(Cross)referencing between Constitutional Courts and International HR Bodies in Times of Transition in Central European Countries View Paper Details
(New) media and civic practices in the Czech Republic View Paper Details
(Re)Conceptualizing Security Nexus of the ‘global’ Arctic View Paper Details
‘Economy Matters!’ People’s Evaluation of their National Economies and the Success of Populist Parties in Central and Eastern Europe View Paper Details
‘Eurointegration’: Narratives and Myths. Framing the EU by Ukrainian media View Paper Details
‘European Army’ Coming to the Fore: Defence Integration in Political Discourse View Paper Details
‘Neoliberal Governmentality’ and ‘Ever-Expanding Market’ – Situating Foucault’s Concept in Modified Marx’s Theory of Value View Paper Details
‘Recognition’ as a Complex Conflict Issue for Rebel Governance View Paper Details
‘The army who came in from the Cold’: the changes in Italian military culture from Lebanon to Somalia and Mozambique (1982-1994) View Paper Details
‘Through a Glass, Darkly’: Investigating Contemporary Higher Education Policy Dynamics from a Biological Perspective View Paper Details
‘Winning formulas’: the electoral success of Populist Radical Right Parties in Western Europe View Paper Details
9/11 and Paris Compared: The Same Old Securitization Story? View Paper Details
A Blind Spot? News Sources, Gender and Minority in Danish TV News View Paper Details
A Brief History of Turkish Foreign Policy Crises View Paper Details
A Case for (more) Historical Research on Terrorism View Paper Details
A Case Study on Internal Security Missions: The Pacification at the City of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil 2008 - Present) View Paper Details
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"To govern is to choose" - Duc de Lévis

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