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Strategies of Secession and Counter-Secession

21st Century International Organizations: New Challenges and New Dynamics

European Union
International Relations
Public Administration
Public Policy
Section Number
Section Chair
Andrea Liese
Universität Potsdam
Section Co-Chair
Michael Bauer
Deutsche Hochschule für Verwaltungswissenschaften Speyer – DHV

This Section addresses various aspects of the design, impact, and changing landscape of international organizations (IOs). Contributions advance theoretical and conceptual frameworks for the study of international organizations and their bureaucracies. The Section brings together a diverse set of theoretical and methodological approaches, including papers that build bridges between International Relations, Public Administration, and Public Policy and papers that bring new methods to the study of international organizations. While nearly all panels make use of empirical applications from all policy issues and a diverse set of IOs, one panel focusses on security governance. Some panels explicitly address key concepts in current IO studies, such as the bureaucratic autonomy of IOs, the authority of IOs or their democratic quality. Others analyze policy change and continuity, IO representativeness, and IO responses to changing financial environments and budgeting pressures.

Panel List

Code Title Details
P018Authority of International Bureaucracies View Panel Details
P027Bureaucratic Autonomy in International Organizations View Panel Details
P032Challenges in Financing Global Public Goods through Bilateral Aid and Multilateral Organisation View Panel Details
P037Citizens’ Perceptions of Democratic Governance beyond the State View Panel Details
P198International Bureaucracies and Security Governance View Panel Details
P297Peer and Expert Review in International Organisations: Addressing Implementation and Accountability Deficits? View Panel Details
P303Policy Change and Continuity in Global Governance View Panel Details
P366Representativeness in International Organizations View Panel Details
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