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Political Science in Europe

21st Century International Bureaucracy: People, Power, and Performance

International Relations
Public Administration
Public Policy
Section Number
Section Chair
Jörn Ege
University of Exeter
Section Co-Chair
Per-Olof Busch
Universität Potsdam

This Section addresses various aspects of the design, impact, and landscape of international bureaucracy, understood as the multitude of international administrations within or behind international organizations. The Section brings together a diverse set of theoretical and methodological approaches that build bridges between International Relations, Public Administration, and Public Policy. The Panels address questions from leadership to representativeness ('people'), from relations between member states and the administration(s) to political dynamics inside bureaucracies ('power'), from the efficiency of international bureaucracy to its influence on policy-making and its relevance for implementation of policies ('performance').

Panel List

Code Title Details
P039Bureaucratic Representations View Panel Details
P040Bureaucrats, Experts, and Representatives: Monitoring in Multi-Actor Networks View Panel Details
P224Interactions of International Bureaucracies with Sub- And Non-State Actors View Panel Details
P231International Bureaucracies as Cognitive Actors View Panel Details
P232International Bureaucracies' Influence on Public Policy and International Organizations View Panel Details
P233International Bureaucracies Reaching Out: Coordination and Cooperation Beyond Organizational Boundaries View Panel Details
P236International Public Administration, Global Policy and Transnational Administration: Concepts, Connections, and Differences View Panel Details
P456The International Civil Service: What Do We Know and What Do We Need to Know? View Panel Details
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