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ECPR 50th Anniversary Fund

Agitated Polities, Changing Policies, and Policy Process Research

Policy Analysis
Public Policy
Comparative Perspective
Policy Change
Policy Implementation
Section Number
Section Chairs
Stéphane Moyson
Université catholique de Louvain
Vilém Novotný
Charles University
Section Co-Chair
Andreas Thiel
University of Kassel

The attention paid by political scientists and policy scholars to the policy process has been demonstrated by the remarkable success of the 2016-2018 ECPR sections on this topic. Our polities (societies and states) have faced serious challenges (migration, security, climate change, etc.) causing policy changes. Policy process research is crucial to understand how policies change, what factors influence them, what decisions are made, who makes them, how policies are interpreted and what concrete effects they have. Different analytical frameworks contribute to this scientific quest. This section provides a forum for policy scholars to share their experience and develop policy process frameworks.

The objectives of the section are:
• To provide an opportunity for meeting scholars from different generations sharing common interests in the policy process;
• To expand the theoretical, empirical, and methodological knowledge concerning policy change within prominent policy process frameworks;
• To develop dialogue and networks around and across policy process frameworks, as well as research agendas.

The section involves a healthy mix of established and junior scholars from Europe and other continents. We invite papers contributing to the development of policy process frameworks and/or addressing policy change. These proposals can rely on one framework or on a meaningful combination of them. We are interested in works that employ diverse methodological orientations, are pitched at sub-national, national, comparative or international settings, and address any policy domain.

Panel List

Code Title Details
P109Emerging Perspectives on EU Policy Process Research View Panel Details
P110Emerging Perspectives on Policy Change View Panel Details
P127Explaining Institutional and Policy Change with New Tools and in New Fields of Application View Panel Details
P169Innovative Perspectives on the Research of Beliefs and Networks in the Policy Process View Panel Details
P217Multiple Streams Perspectives on Policy Change View Panel Details
P221New Insights on the Policy Process through Comparative Applications of the Advocacy Coalition Framework View Panel Details
P257Policy Learning and Policy Change View Panel Details
P336ROUNDTABLE: Approaching Contemporary Policy Changes with Policy Process Frameworks View Panel Details
P421The Role of Narratives in the Public Policy Process View Panel Details
P432Theoretical and Methodological Innovations for Policy Process Frameworks View Panel Details
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