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ECPR Standing Group on the European Union 10th Biennial Conference LUISS, Rome

A Brave New World? Elites and Challenges to Leadership

Comparative Politics
Political Leadership
Political Methodology
Section Number
Section Chair
Matthew Kerby
Australian National University
Section Co-Chair
Patrick Dumont
Australian National University

The panels bring together contemporary debates, traditions and trajectories that researchers who study political and social elites and leadership share. These range from those that focus on theory and method to single and large n case studies. The scope is far-reaching and considers developed and developing worlds as well as the gamut of individual actors in their capacities as elites and leaders.

Drawing on the success of the Standing Group’s Section at the 2018 General Conference in Hamburg, we are proposing to host eleven panels. First, we continue to recognize the theoretical and interdisciplinary foundations that make up the study of leaders and elites by including panels on gender and executives as well as political sociology and social psychology.

Second, we further the ongoing debates on the challenges facing leaders and political elites as the familiar political environment gives way to something unpredictable. These challenges include the roles of leaders and elites with respect to the threats to European integration, the legitimacy of party politics, and the changing relationship with citizens. In these new and uncertain contexts leaders must adapt and employ new strategies to reconnect with citizens.

Panel List

Code Title Details
P039Careers and Networks of Non-Elected Elites View Panel Details
P105Elites and Experiments View Panel Details
P106Elites and Political Careers View Panel Details
P107Elites and Voters View Panel Details
P147Gender and Political Elites View Panel Details
P246Performance and Political Elites View Panel Details
P273Political Outsiders and the Challenge of Party Politics View Panel Details
P303Professionalisation and Political Elites View Panel Details
P433Theory and Political Elites View Panel Details
P461What They Say is What They Do: Text Analysis and Political Elites View Panel Details
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