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The European Union and Beyond

International Migration from a Comparative Perspective: Policies, Practices, and Outcomes

Policy Analysis
Comparative Perspective
Section Number
Section Chair
Daniela Vintila
Université de Liège
Section Co-Chair
Gerasimos Tsourapas
University of Birmingham

Dr Daniela Vintila is a postdoctoral researcher at the Centre for Ethnic and Migration Studies (University of Liege). Her research focuses on citizenship, immigrant integration, and political engagement. She is co-convenor of the ECPR SG Migration and Ethnicity, co-director of the IMISCOE SC Migration, Citizenship and Political Participation, and vice-chair of IPSA RC03 European Unification.

Dr Gerasimos Tsourapas is a Lecturer at the University of Birmingham. His research focuses on the politics of migrants, refugees, and diasporas in the Middle East. He is coordinating three projects: “The International Politics of Middle East Migration: Problems, Policy, Practice”; “The Politics of Forced Migration in the Mediterranean: Interstate Bargaining and Issue-Linkage in Greece and Jordan”; and “Migration Diplomacy in the Eastern Mediterranean - Inter-State Politics of Population Mobility in the Middle East”.

Over the past years, the issue of international migration has been gaining ground not only in domestic politics, but also at the international level. The so-called “refugee crisis”, the increasing salience of immigrant integration in political and societal debates, or the growing interest in cross-border dynamics demonstrate that migration is a prominent topic across European democracies. This Section discusses migration policies, politics, practices and outcomes by paying particular attention to: a) the mechanisms through which mobility reaches the political agenda; b) the institutional responses aiming to tackle concerns over immigrant integration; c) interactions between home and host countries and; d) the consequences of these policies for migrants’ lives. Scholars contributing to this Section will explore issues related to multi-level politics in migration management, the humanitarian protection policy framework, the forms of transnational political engagement, changing public attitudes towards migrants and the politicization of migrants’ access to welfare.

Panel List

Code Title Details
P020Assessing the Determinants and Consequences of Immigrant Integration Policies and Practices View Panel Details
P024Between Here and There: Politicisation of Migration and Modes of Transnational Political Participation of Immigrant Origin Citizens View Panel Details
P053Citizenship Regimes and Migration Policies from a Comparative Perspective View Panel Details
P141From Global Problems to Local Solutions: A Comparative Perspective on Immigrants and Refugees Reception View Panel Details
P181International Migration Governance View Panel Details
P182International Mobility and Social Protection in Europe View Panel Details
P203Migrants’ Political Mobilisation in Home and Host Countries View Panel Details
P204Migration and Electoral Politics in Europe and Beyond View Panel Details
P206Migration Policies of Origin States View Panel Details
P207Migration, Foreign Policy, and Diplomacy View Panel Details
P212Motives of Mobility, Drivers of Displacement ꟷ 2 Case Studies View Panel Details
P213Motives of Mobility, Drivers of Displacement ꟷ Cross-Country Analysis View Panel Details
P304Public Attitudes and Forms of Mobilisation Concerning Asylum Seekers and Refugees in the EU View Panel Details
P341Seeking Asylum: The Link between Policies and Personal Experiences View Panel Details
P344Sharing Responsibility? The Politics and Policies of Asylum Governance View Panel Details
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