Opening the institutional Pandora’s box of conflict management


Instututional Innovation and the Steering of Conflicts in Latin AmericaBrand new from ECPR Press is Institutional Innovation and the Steering of Conflicts in Latin America, edited by Jorge Gordin and Lucio Renno,

Opening the institutional Pandora’s box of conflict management, the book poses two key questions:

  • To what degree do Latin American political contexts create institutional designs that deal with conflict in a feasible, legitimate way?
  • How can institutional architects exploit such spaces to manage conflict innovatively?

The authors’ point of departure is that institutions are primarily conflict-solving entities, and that they set out to be much more than rules of the game: institutions do (and should) evolve and are eventually redesigned to meet human necessities.

The book knits together institutional emergence, stability and change to identify how institutional design can address distributive and identity conflicts in Latin America.


Juan Carlos Arellano González
Sergio Toro Maureira
Andrea Pozas-Loyo
Julio Rios-Figueroa
Paolo Ricci
Jacqueline Porto Zulini
Daniel Chasquetti
Matthew Rhodes-Purdy
Allyson Lucinda Benton
Carlos Gervasoni
Patricio Navia
Carlos Pereira
Frederico Bertholini
Lucas González
Germán Lodola
Olivia Montecino Zuñiga

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