Nominations for the ECPR Executive Committee now OPEN!


Have you...

  • participated in ECPR events?
  • been involved with the work of a Standing Group?
  • published in ECPR journals or book series?
  • used ECPR to grow your networks and find new jobs?

Would you like to...

  • give something back to the profession?
  • help develop strategy and policies to help ECPR grow and flourish?
  • leave your mark on political science in Europe?

If you have the ideas, energy, commitment and skills to make a difference, maybe it’s time to stand for election to the ECPR Executive Committee! Find out more


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ECPR Executive Committee

Closing date Wednesday 15 November (midnight UK time)

Nominations are open to all individuals from ECPR Full Member institutions.
Not sure whether your institution is a member? See full ECPR Member list.


About the ECPR Executive Committee

The EC is a 12-member board with responsibility for the organisation's long-term strategic development. ECPR is a charitable incorporated organisation (CIO), so EC members also act as trustees of the charity.

Members are elected for six-year terms. Elections occur every three years, when roughly half the Committee is replaced, so ECPR is looking to appoint six new members in this round of elections. 

EC members are respected professionals, eager to contribute ideas, time and energy to developing European political science. Each member is assigned responsibility for a portfolio area, such as Publications, Prizes, Standing Groups, Membership, or a specific ECPR event.

Aspiring members should be aware that this is not an honorary role. EC membership involves a significant amount of work, responsibility, and travel commitments.

Plenary meetings generally take place twice a year – in the spring at ECPR's headquarters in Colchester, and during the General Conference in September.

Subcommittee meetings take place throughout the year as workload demands, and ahead of each plenary EC meeting, normally via Skype.

Browse gallery of current EC members, with biographies

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