ECPR Summer School
Central European University, Budapest
27 July - 12 August 2017

Dirk Berg-Schlosser Award

This prize is given to the originators of the three best info-graphic posters at our annual Summer Methods School. The award recognises the instrumental role of eminent political scientist Dirk Berg-Schlosser in bringing our Methods School to life.

Creating a poster is an ideal opportunity to present your work-in-progress in a concise, accessible, visually appealing format, and to receive feedback from fellow participants, Teaching Assistants and Instructors. Typically, the work would form part of your PhD research, but it could also be an ongoing applied research project or similar.

Posters were judged by a jury of Summer School teaching staff and the winners announced during the Welcome Reception on Sunday 6 August at 18:00.

Prizes were given to the best three posters, as chosen by our jury of Methods School teaching staff.

  • First prize €250
  • Second prize €150
  • Third prize €100


Please see below for all this year's entries, including the winning entries - click on the thumbnail to view a pdf version of the poster.


A Comparative Study on LGBT Issues in the Workplace. Public Policies and Perceptions Measuring

Elena-Lidia Dinu


All the Prime Minister's Glory? Leader Effects of Prime Ministers in Parliamentary Election

Jan Berz

Democratic Deconsolidation in Eastern Europe

Natasha Wunsch

Disrupting the Disruptor
The Convergence of FinTech and Blockchain Technology: Business Model Innovation in Internation Money Remittance

Tristan Nabong

Doing Big Data: Methods and Skills in the Emerging Field of Data Science

Philippe Saner

Outcomes Associated with Online Consumer Health Information in Primary Health Care:
A Mixed Studies Review with a Framework Synthesis and the Configurational Comparative Method

Reem El Sherif


Responding to Sexual Violence: Women's Mobilization in War

Anne-Kathrin Kreft


Resilience of Complex Systems: A Complex Network Approach

Giona Casiraghi

How Non-profit Organizations Boost Sustainability in Switzerland

Theresa Gehringer

The Effects of Economic Growth and Quality of Democracy on Open Data Availability

Maria Zuffova

Why Malaysian Parents Refuse Vaccination?

Muhammed Ridzwan



"Wherever you have an efficient government you have a dictatorship" - Harry S. Truman

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