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From Maastricht to Brexit by Richard Bellamy and Dario Castiglione

Political Parties and the Recruitment of Appointed Elites in Contemporary Democracies

Workshop Number
Workshop Director
Sergiu Gherghina
University of Glasgow
Workshop Co-Director
Petr Kopecky
Departments of Political Science and Public Administration, Universiteit Leiden

In recent decades the European political parties have undergone dramatic organizational changes. In this process, political parties have lost their grounding within society and have strengthened their role and position within the institutions of the state. One of the consequences of this development is that parties in contemporary democracies are more likely to have a greater need to appoint people to positions within public life than when they were organizations of mass integration. The party appointments are likely to become a crucial resource in anchoring the party presence within the political system. This workshop probes into this allegedly strengthened role of parties within the state by systematically examining the elite recruitment for non-elective offices of the state. It aims to shed light on the relationship between political parties and the constitution and reproduction of appointed administrative elites. We welcome both single-case studies and comparative analyses of recruitment patterns in established and developing European democracies. Papers may address, but are not limited to, any of the following questions: What is the professional, political, educational and social profile of those politically appointed to public offices? What mechanisms are used to select and appoint them for the public office? How do appointees relate to political parties or to individual politicians who put them in office? What explains potential differences in recruitment patterns?

Paper List

Title Details
Appointment and Career Advancement of Political Elites in the Political Parties in Albania View Paper Details
Conceptualising and Measuring Particularism on Party and State Level - The Case of Croatia View Paper Details
Executive Appointments at the Ttop: Recruitment and Political Careers of Spanish Junior Ministers View Paper Details
Explaining the Appointments of Central Bank Governors in Europe, 1945–2012 View Paper Details
Forms and Functions of Party Patronage: Evidence from Romania View Paper Details
Keeping Tabs on Bureaucrats: The Selection of Top Officials in Germany View Paper Details
Party Patronage as Political Elite Recruitment: A framework of Analysis View Paper Details
Political Parties and the Recruitment of Policy Advisers in Italy: Personalisation on the Rise View Paper Details
Recruitment and Professional Mobility of Senior Officials in Latvia (1990 – 2010). View Paper Details
Ruling the State or Just Stating the Rules? Political Appointees in Icelandic Central Administration View Paper Details
The Curious Case of Alternating Party Influence and Politicisation of the Civil Service in Hungary: Understanding the Consequences of Political ‘Returnees’ for Policymaking View Paper Details
The Many Faces of (Party) Appointments: Political Parties and Appointed Elites in Portugal, 1995-2009 View Paper Details
When One Door Closes Another Door Opens: Patterns of Side Switching amongst German Ministers View Paper Details
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