ECPR Joint Sessions
Westälische Wilhelms-Universität, Munster
22 - 27 March 2010

Electoral Change in the 21st Century: De-alignment or Re-alignment?

Workshop Number
Workshop Director
Wouter van der Brug
University of Amsterdam
Workshop Co-Director
Sylvia Kritzinger
University of Vienna

Patterns of party choice are changing across new and established democracies. The structuring effect of long term predictors of the vote (such as social class, religion and left-right) seem to weaken and short term factors (such as issues, leader evaluations and evaluation of government performance) seem to become more important. Or are we perhaps witnessing a process of re-alignment along new cleavages, such as a socio-cultural dimension that structures conflicts over immigration policies and European integration? To the extent that we witness patterns of re-alignment or de-alignment, are these general developments that affect all generations equally, or do we witness such patterns particularly among the youngest generations? These are the topics we are concerned with in this workshop.
We invite papers with a focus on electoral change, preferably distinguishing between generations. Given the aim of the workshop, priority will be given to comparative studies or studies that otherwise seek generalized explanations for new patterns of voting. We particularly welcome papers that compare between voting patterns in old and new democracies.

Paper List

The structural basis of integration-demarcation cleavage View Paper Details
How politics finally beat history: the evolution of the &#699;anti-right&#700; cleavage in the Greek political culture View Paper Details
Political Issues and Party Competition View Paper Details
The West and East European Voter: Different Patterns of Party Choice? View Paper Details
Supply-Side Change, Demand-Side Change, and Generational Replacement: The Case of Italy, 1968-2008 View Paper Details
Electoral Change in the enlarging Multilevel European Polity (1999 - 2009) View Paper Details
The voting behaviour of young voters: de-alignment or re-alignment? Evidence from Austria View Paper Details
Dynamic normal vote analysis: A modified method for explaining electoral change View Paper Details
Do Voters Have a Choice? Major Party Positioning in an Era of De-alignment View Paper Details
Valence considerations as ideological de-alignment: The generation gap View Paper Details
Voting is a habit – evidence from new democracies View Paper Details
Values, Ideology and Party Choice in Europe View Paper Details
The Education Cleavage: The Socio-Structural Foundation of the Electoral Conflict over Authoritarian-Libertarian Values View Paper Details
Electoral Change in the 21st Century: De-alignment or Re-alignment? View Paper Details
Voting in Context: A Conceptual Map View Paper Details
Generational and Period Affect in a Period of Partisan Dealignment View Paper Details
Is issue-voting for young people? View Paper Details
Mobilization the vote View Paper Details
IS GERMANY GOING BANANAS? Life Cycle vs. Cohort Effects on Electoral Choice in the Course of Time View Paper Details
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