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Political Research Exchange - PRX

Expecting the unpredictable? The Strategic Governance of Long-term Risks

Workshop Number
Workshop Director
Martin Potucek
Charles University
Workshop Co-Director
Achim Lang
Universität Konstanz

The purpose of this workshop is to examine the theoretical and comparative perspectives of strategic governance in the context of long-term risks, such as, for example, the effects of climate change on various policy subsystems. A long-term perspective of risks relates to causal chains that stretch over decades and centuries so that these risks become normal and often go unnoticed until they lead to catastrophes. Most consequences of long-term risks (in the case of climate change earlier spring planting of crops, higher prevalence of infectious diseases and enhanced risk of natural disasters) are already unavoidable or become unavoidable in the future. In this sense, the strategic dimension of governance relates to introducing mechanisms in order to expect and react to the unexpected inherent in long-term risks. Such mechanisms include anticipation and surveillance of potential risks as well as responding and adapting to identified risk scenarios..

This workshop intends to examine these issues through both theoretical and empirical papers. We are specifically interested in papers that pay attention to triggering events that open windows of opportunities for strategic planning as well as induce sequences in which adaptive measures are implemented. We would also like to invite scholars that focus on the role of science played in the policy networks and that explore the impact of scientific knowledge on realized strategies.

Paper List

Title Details
Coping with long-term health risks: Evidence from Europe and Germany View Paper Details
Energy Security as a public good. Governing risk in global oil and gas. View Paper Details
From an Expert Approach to a Community Approach in Strategic Planning View Paper Details
In the long run we are all dead. Confronting the transitory nature of industrial society. View Paper Details
National Patterns of Risk regulation in the Health Sector in England and Japan: events, public discourses and responsive government View Paper Details
Organising the Unpredictable: How European Governments Cope With Climate Risks View Paper Details
Path Dependency, peripheral Vision, and the Framing of Risk View Paper Details
Rational Adaptation to increasing flood risk? Institutional barriers to and drivers of risk-based flood management in Germany and Britain View Paper Details
Strategic Government and Public Leadership View Paper Details
The capacity of political systems to perceive and cope with slow-moving and long-term policy problems: A meta-theoretical overview and some conceptual considerations. View Paper Details
The Czech Sustainable Development Strategy – An Instrument of Strategic Governance? View Paper Details
The holistic approach to the formation of national visions and strategies: the Czech experience. View Paper Details
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