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Political Research Exchange

Justice, Durability and Peacebuilding

Workshop Number
Workshop Director
Karin Aggestam
Lunds Universitet
Workshop Co-Director
Oliver Richmond
University of Manchester

Since the end of the Cold War there has been a rapid transformation and expansion of peacebuilding operations with new actors and roles. This workshop aims to address three challenges in the field of peacebuilding:
(1) The quest for justice in contemporary peace processes has acquired greater saliency as several violent conflicts and wars have been distinguished by gross human rights violations, ethnic cleansing and extensive suffering among civilians. The use of transitional justice mechanisms, e.g., democratic reforms, protection of human rights and the (re)installation of the rule of law, have thus come to the fore on the agenda.
(2) The quest for durable peace is a pressing concern in several contemporary conflicts, since they tend to resist negotiated settlement. The ones that do reach a peace agreement still have a poor track record on implementation. (3) The quest for effective strategies of external actors is central in the management and promotion of just and durable peace in failed states and conflict-torn societies. Why, when and how peace support operations should be conducted are questions that still lack convincing and credible answers.
The workshop invites papers that: advance innovative and critical theoretical and methodological conceptualisations of the interconnectedness of justice, durability and peacebuilding; analyse the legal and democratic accountability of peacebuilding; and examine and compare the effectiveness of peacebuilding strategies from the perspective of their durability and their ability to promote justice.

Paper List

Title Details
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Accountability for atrocities in Kenya: Local justice mechanisms and the ICC View Paper Details
Bringing actors and conflict into forced migration literature. A proposed model of the decision to return View Paper Details
Deliberating Peacesticey View Paper Details
EU:s regional peacebuilding strategies in the Middle East View Paper Details
From Peacebuilding as Resistance to Peacebuilding as Liberation View Paper Details
Just peace and international law View Paper Details
Linking Peace to Justicey View Paper Details
Negotiating Memory, Justice, Security View Paper Details
No democratisation without reconciliation. Viable approaches of the European Union in ‘post-violence’ societies View Paper Details
Peace agreements and durable peace View Paper Details
Peacebuilding under international administration: creating durable political institutions? View Paper Details
Political (Il) legitimacy in States with Peace-Keeping Missions? The Cases of Liberia and Burundi View Paper Details
Quo vadis, Bosnia? Future prospective of democracy consolidation in Bosnia and Herzegovina View Paper Details
Reconciliation via Everyday Rituals: A New Element of Peacebuilding in Cyprus, Bosnia, and the Middle East View Paper Details
Security, Peace and Justice View Paper Details
The internationalization of transitional justice: Does it benefit peace processes? View Paper Details
Transitional Justice in the Quest for a Just and Durable Peace in Bosnia and Herzegovina View Paper Details
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