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From Maastricht to Brexit by Richard Bellamy and Dario Castiglione

Between Facts and Norms? International Legalization Research and International Political Theory

Workshop Number
Workshop Director
Oliver Eberl
Technische Universität Darmstadt
Workshop Co-Director
Christoph Humrich
Rijksuniversiteit Groningen

The workshop rationale is based on the observation that IR research on international law and legalization does rarely intersect with international political theory (IPT). This lack of communication is to the detriment of both research strands. IPT's normative musings on global governance and order are often oddly detached from really existing international law and politics, while empirical research grapples with properly conceptualizing the normativity of international law. The goal of the workshop thus is to search for more convincing accounts of the relation between facts and norms both in empirical and normative research on international law. To this end it aims at furthering links between the research strands, as well as at strengthening the theoretical and practical role law plays in empirical and normative theories of global governance. Ultimately, it seeks to contribute to synthesizing empirical knowledge and normative considerations in political theories of international law. Thus, papers interpreting newest research results from empirical IR scholarship or trends in international law and international legal scholarship in terms of traditional and contemporary political theories of IR, or even developing new political theoretical approaches to international law are welcomed. We also seek papers confronting traditional and recent normative theories with empirical evidence aiming either at corroborating or improving their empirical assumptions in regard to international law. The efforts can also be supported by papers reflecting on the relationship of facts and norms in IPT and empirical research on international law and legalization on a meta-theoretical level.

Paper List

Title Details
"The Dictates of Humanity and of the Public Conscience”: International Law as a Vehicle for Global Justice View Paper Details
A post-national Union? The Concept of the State in the EU's Legitimacy Discourse View Paper Details
Citizenship in a Union of States: Political Legitimacy and Legal Integration View Paper Details
Cooperation in the Shadow of the Law: WTO Judicialization and the Legalization of International Trade View Paper Details
Counter-hegemonic Scripts in the Discourse of ICJ Advisory Proceedings View Paper Details
Har, Soft or Fluffy? The Impact of Self-Regulation on International Legalization in the Financial Sector View Paper Details
Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law: Distortions in Understanding Just War Norms View Paper Details
Human Rights Stories: Narratives of Emancipation and the Progressive Development of International Law View Paper Details
Individual Criminal Responsibility: Legalization and Social Validity of an Emergent Norm View Paper Details
Legalization of International Criminal Justice and Civil Society Actors View Paper Details
Liberal International Law and Dilemmas of Democracy Promotion View Paper Details
Minority Protection as a “Hard Case” for Legalization: Law’s Integrity and the Development of International Minority Protection Regimes View Paper Details
The "Concert of Democracies": Why some States are more Equal than Others View Paper Details
The Global Compact: Corporate Citizenship and Global Distributive Justice View Paper Details
The Separation of International Relations from International Law: A Critical Marxist Approach View Paper Details
The WTO, International Trade Law and Justice beyond Borders View Paper Details
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